About me!

Welcome to The Curious Ginger!

My name is Lauren, I’m a 21 years old Uni student currently living in Brighton! I study Media and Communications and am in my final year!

The Curious Ginger started in 2013, and originally I used this online space to write all about my favourite make up at the time. My blog in 2o18, is much more lifestyle based, and I blog about my University experiences, my life, and of course there still are a few make up related posts sprinkled in there!

I’m a huge fan of cats, coffee, pink drinks, pizza, makeup, fairylights, the list could go on and on.… If you fancy getting to know me a bit better, please make sure you follow me on Instagram¬†@curiousginger and Twitter @curious_ginger to see what I get up to when I’m not blogging!

The name “The Curious Ginger” came about because I have red hair, and the curious part I honestly have no clue. I think I was just putting random words together with ‘Ginger’ and voila, The Curious Ginger was born…

I hope you enjoy reading my rambling blog posts- someone has to!

Lauren, aka, The Curious Ginger x


Occasionally, I will use affiliate links on this blog. This means if you buy a product using my link, I will receive some compensation. You do not have to use my link if this makes you uncomfortable, and please don’t feel as if you have to click on it! It’s there for your convenience if you’d like to.

All affiliated links will be marked with an * and I will make it clear in my post when they are in use.