Let me re-introduce myself.

Some of you may have noticed (most of you may not have done, to be fair) that I haven’t posted much online since October time. Funnily enough, that was around the same time that my Masters started to get quite intense, and so, sadly ‘The Curious Ginger‘ just fell to the bottom of my priorities list for a while. I have started to try post more on Instagram, but honestly I’m just not feeling it at the moment. I’ve lost nearly 150 followers, and whilst numbers on my blog/instagram have never really been the focus of what my little corner of the internet is about, it is a little discouraging at times.

I’ve wanted to start blogging again for the longest time, but I’ve just been putting it off, constantly worrying about what to write, and what post to ‘come back’ with. It’s funny because I know that the longer you put something off, the harder it is to get back into it, yet I found myself doing just that. So today, I’m biting the bullet, and am just writing whatever feels best. I figured I’ll give you all a little life update, and basically just spill out my thoughts. I have no idea where this post is going to take me, but if you fancy coming along for the ride, please feel free to keep reading!

Mostly my life has been pretty uneventful, (amazing start) and filled with lots of University work. If you didn’t know, this September I started my Masters in Human Resource Management, and I was a bit apprehensive about it all. It’s such an expensive decision, and I wasn’t even sure if I would be good at it, or enjoy it. Thankfully, I am actually finding it really interesting, and I feel confident I’ve made a good decision in terms of my future career, so that’s always positive (Someone remind me that I’ve said that when I can’t find a good graduate job when I’ve finished!)  As for whether I’m good at it or not though, I guess we’ll find out in September when I get all my grades back, but I don’t think I’m doing too badly, all things considered.

It’s been pretty nice actually, as all my classes are with the same group of people, which is very different to my undergraduate degree, so you actually get to know the people you’re studying with, and everyone’s so lovely it makes such a difference! Just this week one of my classmates organised a big dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year, and it was so lovely! Also there was so. much. food.

Whilst the masters has been intense at times, its also been rewarding too, and it’s given me lots of opportunities, so I am happy that I made the decision to do it!

hixon green coffee
“Please stop taking pictures of me, and let me eat my cake in peace now…”
(The cake was very tasty….)

In terms of non-uni stuff, I guess you could say i’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster with mental health recently. I don’t know why but for some reason I always feel uncomfortable talking about mental health, not just online, but in person as well, but I realise this is what creates such a stigma around it, and that it is okay to talk.

Up until fairly recently I’d been involved with another show and I think it had taken a pretty bad toll on my mental health. I felt constantly under intense stress and pressure, and fun fact, I hate disappointing people, it’s actually one of the worst feelings in the world for me, (that wasn’t such a fun fact, was it?)  and so I was pushing myself a bit too hard. Turns out though, you cant work on lots of different things to the best of your ability all at once, and ultimately I had let my work on the new show slip, and couldn’t focus on doing my Masters work, as well actual work.

As I said, disappointing people is something I hate doing, and so making the decision to leave the show was very difficult, particularly as I know i’ve spent so much time on it, but ultimately I feel I made the right decision, with everything else I have going on as well, and I’m just grateful that I have amazing people around me that always are so supportive. You know who you are if you happen to be reading.

I also was getting so stressed with exams and deadlines over the Christmas period, and I was just in such a bad place. I felt like all I was doing was revising, and going to work. I don’t think it helped that most of my pals were at home still for the Christmas break, so I just felt lonely and very boring! On the plus side though, I got my results back this week and I was pleasantly surprised, which is always nice!

I’ll stop with the sob stories now, as thankfully I feel in a much better place now, and that’s definitely thanks to the people I have around me at the moment! But I just wanted to make the point that recently i’ve been much more aware about my own mental state, and I feel like thats positive, and it’s a good thing to be reflective.

I’m still working part time in retail, with a lovely bunch of people. I love mostly everyone I work with which definitely helps when mean customers come into store. Also i’m pretty sure rude people make a beeline towards me. You just have to laugh sometimes though, otherwise you’ll want to cry (or maybe that’s just me…confrontation stresses me out lol) I actually find my job to be a good distraction from uni work, other life stuff, and I enjoy chatting away to my colleagues all day, even if most of the time our conversations always come back around to what we’re having for lunch that day…

I’ve also started going to the gym again, which I’m actually enjoying. Shock, horror. I’m going to a gym that isn’t at Uni now, and so it’s a lot bigger with a lot more cool stuff that I’m probably using the wrong way, but at the moment I’m going at least twice a week which is better than not at all!

I also cut my hair again recently which may have been a result of being stressed, but now I’m feeling like I want to grow it long again. I like both, and I guess i’ll see how I feel in summer time.

As we’re now at the point where I’ve started rambling about my hair length, I feel like its time to call it a day with this blog post. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed a little insight on what I’ve been up to over the last few months. If theres any thing in particular you want to see from me, please do let me know- always love to hear from you guys!

Hope you all have a lovely week, and hopefully will be back with another post soon! xx


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