Looking Forward: March 2019

Looking Forward: March 2019

Hey friends,

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may recall that I used to write posts at the end of every month, talking about my 5 top moments from that month. (Click here to see them all) I thought I’d change things up a bit though, and instead discuss what things I’m looking forward to in the upcoming month, and since February is nearly over, I thought I’d have a think about whats happening in March!

March isn’t looking tooo hectic, but there are definitely a few things that I’m excited about, so lets have a little chat about them…

I’m looking forward to going to Wales for a long weekend with Adam.

For Christmas, Adam’s brother gifted us a voucher for trampolining in some caves in Wales. (Sounds random, but looks quite fun) so we thought we would book it in for a random weekend in March where we both were free.

I’ve booked the weekend off work, and we’re going to have a little (not really, it’s going to take about 5 hours) road trip to Wales, and stay in a hotel for a few days which will be nice. I’m excited for all the road trip snacks, and service station stops – which I’m fully aware sounds really lame, but when you’re not the one doing the driving it can get very boring on a long journey, so stopping at the service stations along the 5 hour journey, is something I’m looking forward to!

Also I want to find a good podcast to listen to on the way, as sometimes music gets a bit boring so if anyone has any good podcast suggestions let me know. At the moment it’s looking likely I’ll subject Adam to hours of “My Favourite Murder” and he’s not as in to true crime as I am, so I’m sure he’ll love that…

I’m looking forward to making healthier choices.

Adam: “Do a yoga pose”
Me, someone who’s done Yoga only a handful of times in my life: the result of this image…

Okay first of all, gross who even am I? In all seriousness though, I’m going to make a real conscious effort this month to make healthier life choices. I’ve been on Pinterest to get loads of recipe inspiration, and I want to aim to go to the Gym at least 3 times a week.

At the moment I’m not being too strict with any routines, but I’m just interested to see what would happen if I stuck at something solidly for a month. I just want to feel a bit healthier within myself, and I’ve actually found that when I make an effort to go to the Gym, I feel pretty good after, and it’s been quite good for my mental health, so I should probably try go more. That, and also the fact I’m paying monthly for it, and I want to get my moneys worth…

Also this month I’ve tried doing a tiny bit of Yoga (just using Yoga with Adriene videos on YouTube) and it’s been pretty fun. To be honest I’m not sure if it’s doing much, but the stretches feel good, and the other day I chose a video that involved wrapping up in a blanket and lying on the floor for ages, so if I can count that as being healthy, I’m all for it.

I’m looking forward to getting back into Blogging. (Properly this time…)

I have been making a big old list in my Bullet journal of lots of blog post ideas, and I’m feeling pretty happy that I can put some time into my blog again. I really enjoy this casual style of writing, and actually sometimes it can be quite therapeutic.

Often I realise a majority of my posts are ‘life updates’ but hey, my blog, I can post what I want, and there are no rules. Even if no-one reads my posts, I still enjoy making them and thats all that counts to me really.

This March hopefully a lot more content will be coming your way, if you want to be updated when I post, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@curiousginger) as I usually always let people know on there when I have a new post.

So those are a few things I’m looking forward to in March. Hopefully some more exciting things will happen that I can update you all on in a months time! Now i’m off to go to the Gym, and then after that I need to make my March Bullet Journal Spreads, which I’m sure will be an incoming blog post…

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this short lil post of mine. Let me know what you guys are looking forward to in March!

Thanks as always for reading,

Love, Lauren xx


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