My First Month Of Bullet Journalling

Hey Friends,

Long time no speak!

Life has been absolutely manic over this last month. I started my Masters in Human Resource Management at the end of September, so I’ve been trying to juggle everything in my life since then really! Something that I’ve been using to try and help me keep on top of things, is my bullet journal. I recently got obsessed with bullet journal videos, and decided that I needed to start my own, because it seemed like the perfect way to keep organised, but also gives me a way of productively procrastinating, and we all know I’m a big fan of that.

bullet journal

For anyone who may not know what the hell I’m on about, a bullet journal is essentially like a diary, but you can set it out how you want to, to fit your lifestyle. You don’t have to start it in September, or January, and you can use up as much or as little space as you want. It’s a tool to help you organise everything you have going on in your life! Lots of people really like to get creative with it and create these beautiful looking spreads, which look amazing, but for me personally would take up too much time. For me i’ve tried to make my journal look pretty (ish) but ultimately it’s quite functional.

That’s a rubbish description, but I found it easier to actually watch videos on what it is, rather than read up about it. At the end of the post I’ll link you to some of my favourite YouTube channels that I like to watch to get some inspiration! (I have to thank my friend Chloe for pointing me in the right direction!)

So, a little disclaimer, I’m probably the worst artist in the world. Repeat, I am not artistically talented, so you have been warned…

I started my journal in October, and a lot of people like to choose a ‘theme’ for the month. I chose pumpkins/orange theme because of Halloween, but this quickly went out of the window when I realised drawing pumpkins is quite hard, and also I suck at it… hahahah.

I’ll show you how I started my journal to start with, and then I’ll show you how the month of October ended up looking for me.  Also, some things I have blurred out for personal/privacy reasons 🙂

bullet journal

Told you I suck at drawing! But anyway, I started off by making a little Key (there is an actual bullet journal system thats been designed and is far more technical) but I just used what I thought would work for me. Then I made an ‘Index’, so if I ever need to find a page, I can easily locate it. Basically, it’s a table of contents.

I use a Lemome Dotted Journal by the way- and I’m really enjoying it! It’s really nice quality, and the pages are really thick so the pen doesn’t ‘ghost’ on the other side of the page. You don’t have to use a fancy notebook though, you can literally use any old notebook you have lying around.

Then I just did some pen swatches of my new pens, (I got a 50 pack of some Crayola Supertips) which was so unnecessary but it looks cool.  Also I really like these pens for highlighting uni work as well. Also, I’m obsessed with stationery so this whole bullet journal thing is pretty perfect.

I tried to copy this Birthday page idea from Pinterest, but I’ve forgotten loads of peoples birthdays and now I have no space to add them in, so its a bit of a fail… But at least it looks cool?

Then I made a “Future Log” so that I can note any important dates in the upcoming months. I only went up to December, as in the new year I can make a new one. Then I have Octobers cover page, which just makes me laugh because it’s so bad hahaahah- I think I definitely improved as the month went on!

October Trackers

I found that I didn’t really use these pages to be honest. A good thing about Bullet Journalling is that if something doesn’t work for you you can just change it for the next month. I’ve set up my ‘November’ already and it’s so different!

I made a little monthly calendar and a page for any important events coming up in the month. Then I made some habit and mood trackers which I just never used! Hence why everything is so empty. Also can we appreciate all the little pumpkins I drew, the more i look at them, the funnier they look.

October Weekly Spreads

As you can see, there are lots of different ways of setting out weekly spreads. I found for me, the first weekly spread I created, was absolutely useless, so I had to go onto Pinterest (my fave for getting inspiration, I have a bullet journal board here if you’re interested) to try find different ways of setting out weeks. Weeks 2 and 3 worked out well for me, as I liked seeing what readings I had to complete in the week for uni.

The fourth spread I did (the one with the pumpkins and the weird flappy thing, called a ‘dutch door’) probably looks the best, but wasn’t too practical for me. I found having my readings on the little flap in the middle actually quite annoying, and I didn’t use it much. But it was fun to make!

My current set up for this week is pretty simple, and gives me an entire page for notes, and my weekly readings which is quite helpful! I think I’ll continue to use this style during November. I like splitting the days up into “Events” and “Tasks” so I can clearly see what I have to do in the days. I found this way is really helping me to keep on top of all my uni work.

Random Pages

Not quite sure what ‘category’ these two pictures would come under, but I got lots of washi tape from poundland and wanted to use it, so I made a washi tape swatch page. I also had lots of ideas for my November bullet journal pages and wanted somewhere to write it all down, so I planned out all my ideas on the left hand side, before adding a little “Goodbye October” page on the right. I just thought it would be a cute way to end the month.


If you want to look into bullet journalling more, here are some places where I found lots of help and inspiration.

Y O U  T U B E

Amanda RachLee

Planning With Kay

Caitlin’s Corner

There a loads more channels where I found inspiration, just a quick search of “Bullet journal” or “Plan with me” will bring up lots of videos for you to watch!


Journal Junkies 


I also like to follow the hashtags, #bujoinspo #bujocommunity as then I get random pictures throughout the day, and I can see new accounts! Also I like to use the bookmark feature to save any pictures I really want to use.


My Pinterest Board

I realise this wasn’t the most eloquent of posts I’ve ever written, but I wasn’t quite sure what else to say about it! That being said, if anyone has any questions please leave a comment, or ask on twitter/instagram. I love talking about this stuff!

If anyone would be interested in seeing how I’ve set my Journal up for November, let me know.

I hope everyone’s doing okay, and hopefully speak to you all soon x

Thanks as always for reading.

Love, Lauren x


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