What’s On My Dressing Table?

dressing table

Hello Again

This weekend, my sister kindly drove me down some furniture that my Nan had been storing for me (thanks Nan!) whilst I’ve been at Uni and not had the space for it, which meant I could finally unpack all the boxes from the move, and now it feels like I’ve properly moved into the new flat which is nice!

It also meant I spent most of my Sunday organising my new dressing table, which was very fun and pleased my inner organisational freak as i’ve never had my own dressing table before, and it’s nice to have a little space to just get ready in the mornings! Also before we start, if you’re reading this Jemma, thanks for letting me borrow your dressing table! I thought, whilst it still looks relatively nice and tidy, I’d take a few pictures and give you guys a little tour of what I’ve got on/in it!

dressing table

I wanted to have it by the window, because that way when I do my makeup in the mornings I should be able to get some natural light which is always a good thing when doing makeup! (Not that I’m an expert, just from experience…)  It does look a littttle cluttered, but I like to think of it more as organised chaos, and I know where everything is, sooo that’s all that matters really! Adam also spent ages wrapping some battery powered fairy lights round my mirror symmetrically, and then I came along and ruined it by putting my things all over the place, but what can you do? At least now it’ll be functional and cute and fairylighty…

The top of this particular dressing table (it’s my sisters, so I have no idea where she got it from, sorry!) has a little shelf, where I’ve put all my perfume, and daily skincare stuff on one side, and then on the other I have some makeup setting sprays and lip balms, along with all of my makeup brushes (which are in desperate need of a clean, but it’s one of my least favourite chores in the world soooo…)

Under the shelf I’ve housed all my eyeshadow palettes that I don’t need to use on a daily basis, so they’re tucked away but still accessible if I ever want to use them. In the two drawers on top, I’ve put some overspill of lip products, and then some cotton pads and q tips in the other. I’ve got some Zoella Beauty moisturisers on the table, just because they look pretty, and occasionally I will use them!

I then have a little acrylic makeup holder which i’ve had since I moved to Uni, where I’ve put my MAC lipsticks in, along with some Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks (which are really good by the way and don’t feel dry at all, which is something I absolutely hate about liquid lipstick) 

In the drawers on front of the dressing table, is where I’ve managed to fit all of my makeup collection into. I’ve separated it into face stuff (primers, foundations, concealers and powder) cheek stuff (bronzer, blusher, and highlighters) and then eye stuff, (eyebrow products, loose eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara, my fave eye shadow palettes) 

I’ve currently nabbed Adams piano stool to use as it fits perfectly underneath the table, and the big marble thing is my DIY Photo Background. Hoping it wont melt though if we need to use the radiator, but I can always move it!

If anyone wants me to go into more depth about the contents of these drawers/table, please do let me know, as I can definitely do that if anyone would find it interesting!

I haven’t had the chance to use this table properly yet, so things may end up moving around for practicality reasons, but I’m happy with how it looks at the moment!

Do any of you have a dressing table or a space you use to get ready in the morning?

Thanks as always for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post x

Love, Lauren x


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