If I Could Re-Do My Freshers Week…

Oh, To be A Fresher again…

So, it’s coming up to freshers week again (maybe for some people it’s already been and gone!) and it’s got me thinking about my own freshers week three years ago, and all the things I did/didn’t do. I thought this might make a fun little blog post to talk about how I personally found my freshers week, and chat about things that I wish I had done now I look back. If you’re about to start uni yourself, maaaaybe this might be helpful, or if nothing else, give you some idea as to how it really is…

To get myself in the mood, I’m even listening to my first year uni playlist, which I knew would come in handy one day if I wanted to feel all nostalgic! It’s also making me laugh at the amount of clubbing music there is on it.

To put it bluntly, I look back at my freshers week as a bit of a fail to be honest. I look back and wish I’d have done so much more, and put myself out there more! At the same time though, obviously if I had done things different, my Uni experience could have ended up being completely different, and on the whole I really enjoyed my time at University so maybe it was for the best. Did that make sense….?

I came to University with a long term boyfriend, which for me, did not work in my favour. It especially didn’t work, as he also came to the same Uni as me, and was in the same accommodation as me, so it didn’t really feel like I was alone, or had to push myself to meet new people. Little old me thought this would be the best thing in the world, and I was so excited about it. I was so so soooo wrong. I’m actually laughing out loud at myself as I write this because I’m in disbelief as to how naive I was at the time.

Just quickly though, please don’t read this as me saying if you move to uni with a long term boyfriend then it won’t work out at all- I have friends who are still with their boyfriends they moved out or moved to Uni with, this is obviously just my own experience!

Anyway, majority of my freshers week was spent with my boyfriends flatmates, and with my boyfriend at the time, which looking back makes me really sad, as I could have been getting to know my own flatmates more, and making my own friends.

I assumed that we would be going out getting absolutely hammered every night, and spending every day roaming around campus trying to navigate our way round, whilst nursing really bad hangovers. I’m sure this is true for a lot of people, but for me this couldn’t have been further from the truth! I went out clubbing once, and I remember everyone arguing about what club to go to, and it ended up being rubbish and I don’t even remember much about it to be honest!

All I really remember from that week, was it ending with the aforementioned boyfriend breaking up with me, whilst drunk, in front of all my old school friends, and some new uni friends, at a massive house party, and me wanting to crawl into a hole, quit uni, go to a new one the following year, and just mope about doing nothing. Which isn’t ideal, and did not make for the smoothest of starts to University life! Guess we could say that was character building I suppose?

I’m so thankful to my friends I made at Uni though, because they didn’t know me that well at all, but they were seeing me at my absolute worst, and they still had the balls to tell me not to quit uni, and to keep going. (Thanks Abby <3) I look back now and I’m so glad I pushed through the shitty week and first term, because it all got so much better for me! You can read all about my first year of uni experience here.

I didn’t intend for this post to turn into a bit of a sob story- I truly had the best time at Uni, and not all of freshers was horrendous.

For example, on my first night, only two of us had moved in, so we decided to cook dinner together, and I was in charge of cooking the rice, which I had no idea how to do, and Abby just showed me how, and didn’t laugh in my face. (She should have laughed in my face…)  When we speak about it now though, she says how she was so shocked that I didn’t know how to cook something as simple as rice, (I’m shocked as well to be honest, that was pretty tragic)  and wanted to take the piss out of me for it, but we had only just met. Now we are so close, and it’s become a funny story about our first awkward encounter together.

Also the time that I had to get my student ID card photo taken more than once because I hated having my photo taken, and there was a queue of people looking at me, and I kept nervously giggling…. I’m sure the photographer loved me…

Or the time when we all headed down to the infamous Pier Party (I did go to Uni in Brighton after all) which was actually a lot of fun, until it started pouring with rain, and everyone was getting kicked off the pier, resulting in loads of freshers running down the pier trying to shelter themselves from the rain.

What Would I do Differently?

I’d push myself to go to freshers events, and join a society, even though I probably would have hated it at the time, but I could have made some new friends.

I’d probably have gone out more. First year didn’t even count towards my final degree grade and I feel I should have made use of that more…

I’d introduce myself to my neighbours! I was just such an awkward human.

I probably wouldn’t hide in my room for a majority of the week.

But hey, even though my freshers week wasn’t the best, I still ended up having a fun first year at uni, and overall I enjoyed University, so it isn’t all doom and gloom! Don’t be put off if your freshers week doesn’t go as expected!

I found some random photos on my camera roll from first year which are too funny and weird not to show…

The time I woke up to my phone background being Macaroni Cheese after a night out, and it was all over my bed for some reason…. I still laugh about it.

I don’t even know what this is in reference to, but I have it saved for some reason…

I feel like I made up for freshers week in the spring term (woops)

Maybe it was for the best that I didn’t have the smoothest of starts at University. I like to think I still did well, and I came out of University with some pretty fab people by my side.

If you’re about to start uni and you’re worried about freshers week- it isn’t as scary as you think it might be. And, even if all things go horrendously wrong and you feel like you want to quit uni like I did, if you can, just hold out for the first term and things may well become easier. Uni would be no fun without a few little hiccups along the way… But also know that everyone probably feels a little bit awkward, and out of their comfort zone. And also if you get there and hate it and are really unhappy, you don’t have to stay if it’s making you really unhappy!

If your freshers week doesn’t go to plan, don’t worry about it- you have so much time to make friends and find your way round, don’t stress yourself out too much in that first week. And, if you need a little time to yourself sometimes, then that’s fine as well. It’s a big change, embrace it, but don’t turn into someone completely different!

Good luck to all the new freshers, and enjoy it! It’s cliché to say, but your time at uni will fly by before you know it!

Hopefully you enjoyed, and thanks as always for reading x

Love, Lauren x



  1. Fabby
    September 14, 2018 / 10:14 am

    You’re welcome for my harsh words and miley cuddles ❤️❤️❤️ (Still can’t belive you didn’t know how to cook rice and Jemma left the chicken)

  2. Jenna
    September 23, 2018 / 12:03 pm

    Great post – I love this reflection 🙂 I am currently a senior, and looking back on my freshman year is just insane to me…. Thanks for sharing (also I laughed a lot when you talked about mac n cheese on your bed)!
    -Jenna <3
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