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lets chat shall we

I haven’t posted anything on here since my Graduation post, as in a way I haven’t really known what post to come back with. I haven’t been blogging ‘properly’ since around May so it’s been quite hard to get back into a routine with it. So, instead of spending ages trying to plan a blog post, I thought I’d just post a rambley little chatty post, about things that have been going on, and where I see this blog going in the future (which sounds wayyy more serious than I’m intending this to be…)

Some of my fave posts to write are just little updates on my life, and not in a self absorbed way, just in the sense that I like to get my thoughts down and sometimes when i read old blog posts back, I can remember exactly where I was when I wrote it and it’s a little bit of welcome nostalgia I suppose.

Anyway, let’s start the fairly one sided chat….

H o m e

A big thing that’s happened since we last ‘spoke’ is that I finally moved house! I am so much happier to be living in somewhere nice, with people I get on with, and I feel so much better in myself not living in somewhere so vile…

It might sound dramatic, but honestly living in a fairly run down house, full of strangers who I didn’t get on with that much (to be fair, maybe I could have tried harder to get on with them…) and the state of the house constantly being vile no matter how often I cleaned, was pretty draining mentally. It’s crazy how much happier I feel at home already, I can go in the kitchen anytime I want without worrying about awkward small talk, we have a living room that is actually nice and the table isn’t constantly covered in suspicious substances, and I know we’ll always have hot water when I want a shower- how dreamy.

Our little home is all coming together, I just need to figure out a weekend when I’m off work to go to my Nan’s and collect some furniture she’s been storing for me (Thanks Nan!) and then I can finally unpack everything and all will be swell.

I got myself a cheap but lovable coffee machine from Asda, (which has a timer so I can wake up to the smell of coffee… its pretty fab) I had to get new plates because all of mine had disappeared, but its fine because they’re yellow and grey and they look pretty good, so everything feels new and fresh and its just so nice. It’s just really great to feel like I have some sort of routine again. I feel all house proud which is a nice feeling after a year of allowing barely anyone into my house. (Because it was gross, but also it was at the top of basically a mountain…)


Work has been a bit crazy over summer. In June I started working full time for a telemarketing company, but swiftly decided after a week and two days, that it was not for me, (read more on that here) so I left, and thankfully my amazing friend/manager offered me a job back at my old work.

Since the beginning of July i’ve been working back at my retail job, which I honestly don’t mind too much as I love everyone who works there and we all get on well which makes the job easier to deal with. I’m still baffled by how rude some people can be towards us retail staff, but thankfully the rude customers are few and far between!

Recently I also got myself a cleaning job because I thought I needed extra money, which I did, but then it turned out I was getting a lot of overtime from work, and working full time some weeks which meant that waking up at 3am, 6 days a week to start cleaning offices at 4am until 7am, and then working 8:45-18:15 was pretty draining. I was getting so moody with everyone, everything was annoying me, I looked terrible, and always was tired, but hey, at least I was making money…

It was taking its toll on my friendships, relationships, motivation to do anything and honestly in the end the cons outweighed the pros. If anyone asked me to do something outside of work I felt like I couldn’t because I was so exhausted and needed to catch up on sleep in my spare time. It sounds dramatic and at first I thought I could handle it, as long as I was in a good routine, but the lack of sleep I think is what got me. I’d try to be in bed falling asleep by 10pm, and if I got home around 7, that gave me 3 hours a day of free time, to make dinner, shower, and socialise with my housemates and friends, which sounds fine but it just wasn’t working out for me.

In the end though, I decided as I was doing more hours at my normal job, I couldn’t manage doing the extra hours cleaning, as it was just turning me into not a very nice person to be around (I’m sure Adam will agree) so I decided to leave the cleaning. I also had to clean loads of pubs and clubs over Pride weekend, and honestly I’m put off for life… you never think about the people who have to clean up all the mess, but now im going to be waaaaay more mindful when on nights out (well, I will try anyway, because honestly some of the stuff I saw was v i l e)

I’ve gone through quite a few jobs this summer when I think about it- woops! But in the end i’ve done whats best for me, and i still have a job so it can’t be too bad…


Always in the back of my mind I’m thinking “ahh I really need to write a post this week” and every week that passes by I never do, and the cycle continues. I don’t have a schedule because for me right now, I find blogging schedules hard to stick to, and I feel like it forces me to create content that I might not necessarily be happy with, just so I get a post up.

I know that having a regular schedule means you’re likely to get page views etc, but honestly I’d really rather post what I want to, as often as I can. Life’s pretty busy at the moment, and I don’t want to get to a point where I never post on here because it feels too much pressure. So for now, I think I’m just going to try and post as much as I can, so I hope thats okay!

I’m really loving Instagram lately, and I love the new question feature to interact with you all. The other day I asked what kind of stuff you’d like me to blog about, and I had some good responses so thank you if you responded! If you do have any suggestions though, I’d really like to know, so please leave a comment, or message me on Instagram or something! My user name is just @curiousginger

I can tell I haven’t posted in a while, because this post has taken me about 3 days to write, and it never usually takes me that long! woopsie. But nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed this post (if you made it this far) And thanks for sticking with me, the last few months have been crazy busy, but hopefully now I can get back into a normal routine, things on the blog will resume as normal!


Thanks as always,

Love, Lauren x


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