A Rainy Adventure To Lewes

 Happy Sunday everyone!

It’s a bank holiday weekend here in the UK which means that most people get a three day weekend. I had work on Saturday, and I have to work tomorrow (which is fine though because I get pay and a half) so as today was my only day off, we thought we’d make the most of it, despite the rain that has been pretty relentless all day long.

We had a really lazy morning, and a lie in which was very well needed. We then braved the rain as we needed to go food shopping for the week, which may sound boring, but I don’t actually mind it, and also it was pretty exciting as I found out that Lidl do there own version of Biscoff spread, so I’m excited to give that a go. (Feel like I hadn’t mentioned my love for Biscoff on the blog for a while, and wouldn’t want anyone to think I have gone off it… not a chance that will ever happen)

Even though it was raining, we had decided last night that we would take an adventure to Lewes (a small town very close to Brighton, but has a very different vibe to Brighton) because we’ve been a few times before, but usually only briefly, and it looks super cute all the time. Also, my friend Dan had been messaging me all day saying how cute everything was, so the rain didn’t really have a chance of getting in the way of our plans today…

I feel like this yellow coat I got from Boohoo in my first year at Uni has served me very well!

All I knew is that I wanted to find a cute coffee shop, that did cute cakes, and I wanted to look round all the cute little shops that Lewes seems to have an abundance of. (Can you tell I think that Lewes is a cute place?) However, it was not to be, as soon realised that most shops and coffee places were shut for the Bank Holiday, which was a bit sad, but we still managed to explore some Antique Shops, and the very few shops that were open.

All was not lost, as we came across the Trading Post Coffee Roasters, that was open, and looked really good, so we went inside and got some veeeeery nice coffee. Adam got himself an almond slice, but I opted for a home made sausage roll, which was so yummy, I didn’t take a picture of it… bad blogger over here. I also ordered a Chai Latte, which made me very excited for autumn, and Adam got a Mocha.

coffee in lewes

Now we are back at the flat, I’ve done some laundry and made a big batch of Bolognese that I can freeze and eat all week, Adams played some piano which I LOVE because I love listening to people who are good at Piano, and he rarely lets me listen.

Adam’s cooking some dinner, and I’m curled under a blanket writing this blog post and listening to the rain on our big windows. I’m in my happy place! I love the sound of the rain so much, so today has actually been pretty good!

I’ve had a really lovely day off work, and It was so nice to explore Lewes a bit.

I hope everyone reading has had a nice weekend!

Thanks as always for reading,

Love, Lauren x


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