Celebrating Our Anniversary

Hello lovely people,

On Wednesday, myself and Adam celebrated our anniversary out and about in Brighton, and it was such a lovely day, I thought I’d share some photos! I know i’ll enjoy looking back on this post, but also, I was gifted free tickets for the i360 in Brighton, and we got complimentary champagne as well, which was very nice!

We went into Brighton, and sat on the beach for about an hour before we had to be at the i360, which was lovely as we’ve been having amazing weather recently, plus I absolutely love the beach!


We weren’t too sure on what to expect from the i360, but it was actually quite cool seeing Brighton from above! I think it’d look even more beautiful if you went at evening when all the lights were on. You’re up there for around 25 minutes, and there’s a bar on the little pod as well!

I’d go again I think, but I’d want to go at a different time of day to see Brighton in a different way! It was a cute thing to do, and we definitely enjoyed the free drink!

After this, we decided to wander around Brighton for a bit, we went through the lanes and we took a photo booth picture in the Photomatic shop on Gardner Street, and then we explored an underground market thing which we found, and it was pretty cool! We always end up finding new things in Brighton whenever we just wander around, but that’s why I love living here so much!

Does anyone else struggle when it comes to photobooths? I always panic and never know what poses to do, hence the awful first picture! We’ll get there one day…

We then decided to get on the Life Bikes, and cycle down to Hove, because we had a plan of eating Pizza on the beach, and I’d come up with the genius plan that if we cycled to some flats by the beach in Hove, we could get it delivered there and then just walk down to the beach! So smart… 

We didn’t want to do anything fancy schmancy, because we’re really not fancy, but we both love pizza and the beach, so combining the two things was perfect for us really! I feel like I’m talking about this like it’s revolutionary, but i just enjoyed eating pizza by the sea to be honest hahaha!

After a quick paddle in the sea, and hobbling back to our shoes, we went home using the Life Bikes again, and when we got off, I got an ice pop, because why not… but even more exciting we bumped into a cute little cat!

We spent the evening watching The Office! I loved all day, and it was just nice to do something a bit different! I think the Pizza on the beach was my highlight, but it was good to finally try out the i360 because we’ve been meaning to for ages!

Also, I just wanted to say that the lovely Jemma from Dork Face Blog made me this amazing personalised drawing that I gave to Adam as a present! He loved it, and I think it’s incredible! She was so lovely to work with and was so accommodating when I wanted to change certain things. She even put our uni cat Pableet on there! ahhh it’s so cute!

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop if you’re looking for cute illustrated things!

Thanks as always for reading,

Here’s to many more anniversaries in the future!

Love, Lauren x


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