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free things to in brighton

If you are planning on making a trip down to Brighton this Summer, or even if like me, you live in Brighton, but are wanting ideas of free things you can do, or ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, then you’ve found yourself in the right place!

I’ve made a list of 5 activities that are totally free to do, and one that isn’t free, but is extremely cheap, so if you’re interested, please keep reading! Also, the titles of all these activities will be linked to the google map location of where I’m talking about, so click on them if you think you’d like to try any of them!

Location ONE:  The Beach 

free things to do in brighton free things to in Brighton free things to in brighton

free things to in brighton

I realise I look very lonely in these pictures, and that the beach might seem like an obvious free activity, but the beach is always one of the first places I like to go if I’m bored, and stuck for what to do for the day. Even if the weather isn’t too great, I love being by the sea and find it quite calming!

There are absolutely loads of things for you to do at the beach. You can walk along the pier, get rid of some change in the arcade, take some pictures, take a picnic and sit on the beach, play some card games, the list goes on!

Brighton beach is great, especially in Summer, but it can get a little crowded. If you want to find a more quieter area of the beach, I’d suggest either walking towards the Marina, (there’s also a nudist beach there, if thats your thing) or, walk more towards Hove, as the beaches tend to be a little less packed than the areas close to the pier!

Location two: Explore the Lanes

free things to in brighton free things to in brighton free things to in brighton

Clearly getting the obvious ones out of the way, but a day exploring the Lanes in Brighton can be so much fun! There are so many cute shops to look around, stalls to look at, tucked away coffee shops, dum dum donut shop (if you watch Zoella’s vlogs, you’ll probably want to visit there!) but seriously there’s so much to do, and it’s such a vibrant, cool area of Brighton!

One shop in particular, Snoopers Paradise,is always a good one to look at. It’s basically a huge shop with a collection of the most random things ever. It is pretty funny trying to find the most random thing possible in there, and some of the stuff is actually pretty cool. Also loads of the stalls outside sell cute things, I tried on a pair of ridiculous sunglasses, as you can see…

Also, I know that when I used to visit Brighton, before I moved here, I got confused as to where the Lanes actually are. Now I know though, there are technically two of them. The Lanes, are where you’ll find places like Dum Dum’s, Choccywoccydoodah, lots of jewellers, things like that, and is the one linked in the title. There are actually a lot more independent shops,  including Snoopers Paradise, coffee shops etc in the North Laines- which I’ve linked here for you. They aren’t far apart- they are just different sides of the roads! But I know that when I was a tourist in Brighton, this always confused me.

Just go on a walk! 

free things to in brighton

free things to in brighton

free things to in brighton free things to in brighton

Brighton isn’t a huge city, but it’s surprising what you find when just going out and exploring it, without rushing to try and get to a tourist attraction, running late to work, or just glued to your phone. If you’re into cool graffiti, Brighton is pretty good for that. These photos were taken on the way to Brighton Marina, but I know that the Lanes and some of the side streets in the city have a lot of cool graffiti as well.

There are probably hundreds of things i’ve yet to even discover in Brighton- and I’ve lived here now for 3, nearly 4 years!

Location four: The Pavilion Gardens

free things to in brighton free things to in brighton

free things to in brighton

free things to in brighton

Guess which picture Adam told me to “look cultured” in?

The Brighton Pavilion is so beautiful! I’ve actually never been inside it, but my Mum tells me that they serve amazing cups of tea, (she says the best she’s ever had- which is a bold claim) At Christmas time there is an Ice Skating rink outside the Pavilion, and also a cute bar and cafe which over Christmas, myself and Adam visited many times, for Mulled wine, and hot chocolates! (Not at the same time, though…)

In summer though, the gardens round the back are a lovely place to explore, and hang out. The flowers are beautiful, and of course the Pavilion itself makes the perfect backdrop for some “cultured” instagram shots….

Location Five: The Preston Park Rock Garden

free things to in brighton free things to in brighton free things to in brighton free things to in brighton free things to in brighton

This is a place I discovered with Adam, and it’s one of his favourite places in Brighton. I always get so many questions whenever I upload pictures, or Insta Stories from here, of people asking where I am! This rock garden is slightly out of the city centre, and is opposite Preston Park- but it’s well worth a visit!

It’s such a lovely, peaceful place, and there are loads of fish in the pond, you can walk across the pond, there are bridges everywhere, and so many flowers. The first time I came here it was actually pouring with rain, and it was still beautiful!

Hire A Bike!

free things to in brighton free things to in brighton free things to in brighton free things to in brighton free things to in brighton

The Brighton bikes are a recent discovery of mine, but they are actually pretty fun. Admittedly- yes they aren’t free, but for 3p a minute, it’s pretty good to me! The most i’ve ever spent on one of these bikes was £1.40, and it was for about a 2 hours bike ride. You can put the bike on hold for an hour, if you find somewhere that you want to stop at along the way, and it doesn’t charge you all the time it’s on hold! Also these bikes are everywhere in Brighton, so you’ll easily be able to find one.

I just googled “Brighton Bikes” and the website where you have to register came up, but they do also have an App as well. It’s so easy to use, and in Brighton there are so many cycle lanes as well, so if you really want to avoid cycling on the roads, just cycle along the seafront instead!

Me and Adam cycled to Hove in the evening,  and found a cool bar on the beach to grab a drink at before cycling home, and it was a lot of fun. Tiring, but fun!

As I said, there are still probably hundreds of places that I am yet to discover in Brighton, but these are just a few ideas of some things you can do that wont require you to spend lots of money!

Adam, thank you for being my personal photographer for the day! Although, we just spent the whole day wandering round Brighton for this blog post, and it was really nice- despite the weather not being the best!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you end up visiting Brighton, and also if you have any recommendations yourself of things to do in Brighton, please leave a comment!

Thanks as always for reading,

Love, Lauren xx


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