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Adam A-ZI’m so excited about todays post! A while back now, I posted an A-Z List of all the things I loved. (Read here, if interested) and it was actually really fun to think of the list! I asked Adam (my Boyfriend/photographer/general awesome human) to come up with his own list, and then suggested that he wrote his own version of my post, but talking about all the things he loves!

He was on board, and so I left him to it whilst I did some food shopping. When I came home, the post you’re about to read is what he had written, and I honestly was really impressed with it! I think his writing style, and personality came across really well, and for a first attempt at a blog post, I don’t think this one is too shabby at all! (maybe it’s because he reads amazing blogs, such as this one… I joke, I joke) I think he should start his own blog, but he’s not so keen. (yet… heheh)

Please let us know what you think of this post, but for now though, I’ll hand you over to Adam….


So I’m definitely not one to just sit around on my butt all day, and whilst I’m starting this list off with a bit of a cliché it had to be in here. Finding new places, new people and new experiences keeps life interesting, even if the adventure is just a different route home from uni.


I’d been to Brighton a few times before moving here for uni, but didn’t really get the full feel for what an amazingly diverse and vibrant city this is until making it my home.

adam stone

Curious Ginger’s Blog

I love how much joy Lauren gets out of blogging, it’s such a great way to express yourself and I’m super proud of how awesome she is at it. No… she didn’t tell me to put this one in. Yes I do read all her posts.


You know that feeling of freedom and excitement once you pass your driving test? Yeah, I don’t think I ever got over that, even years down the line.


Sorry bit of a sentimental one this. Elephants are my Mum’s favourite animal (she’s actually a little obsessed) and my mum is easily the strongest and most kind hearted person I know (soz Lauren) so they always remind me of her.


I don’t think I’m a very stereotypical lads lad football fan, but I just have always loved playing and watching the game.

Gift Giving

I actually way prefer giving gifts than receiving them, to the point where I get really excited when I have a gift ready for someone and usually don’t take much persuading to give it to them early. For example, Laurens birthday is April 22nd and I’d planned ahead and ordered her a watch. Actually ended up giving it to her in February though, because I got too excited (plus she was about to buy herself the exact same watch hahaha).


Yesss I’m on the current halloumi fad too. Since turning vegetarian about a year ago the cheesy goodness has become a core part of my diet and I’m not sorry about it.

Iced Frappuccino’s

So if you’ve read even one of Laurens posts then you probably already know she’s become a little bit of a coffee addict recently. A chocolatey frap is always my drink of choice when she needs her fix and drags me into Starbucks.


I have an appreciation for most music, but as a musician I find most joy in edgy grooves and frustrating harmonies resolving beautifully. It takes a lot more skill to write and play jazz than it does to just hit four chords along with some auto-tuned vocals and call yourself a pop star (sorry, I can become a bit of a music snob).



I don’t think Lauren would be dating me if I didn’t like kittens, cats and all other animals to be honest.


Soz not soz.

Musical Theatre

This one’s a bit bitter sweet. I always use to be quite wary of musical theatre and MT folk with their jazz hands, tap dancing and OTT joyfulness, but have since worked on a number of musicals and found myself kind of fond of it. Even to the point I’ve ended up as President of Sussex Musical Theatre Society.

New music

Don’t get me wrong I have some favourite tunes that all always go back to, but I generally just get bored of songs once I’ve heard them a few times. Perhaps it stems back to being a jazz musician again and not liking predictability. Everyone must agree though, regardless of the genre, stumbling a upon a new bop is a great moment.

Orange chocolate

It baffles me why people continue to buy mint chocolate, or caramel, or other mediocre flavours. Grab yourself a Terry’s Choccy Orange and be done with it.


Once thing living in Brighton has definitely helped me to appreciate is Japanese food. Especially authentic little restaurants like pompoko.

Quorn nuggets

Ok not going to lie Q had me stumped. But I am a fan of quorn nugs, possibly even prefer them to their chicken counterparts.


I feel a bit guilty writing this considering I’m currently the least fit I’ve been since I was about 13. But I enjoy running competitively when my dodgy ankle isn’t playing up, and I used to be pretty darn good too.

Scuba diving

So I study Biology and as part of my course I was able to spend a week in Egypt diving and studying the red sea coral reefs and OMG it was amazing. Words cannot describe how beautiful some reefs were.


I know I know, this is kind of like adventuring again. Travelling to new countries has always been something I’ve loved though, and I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing places and experience some amazing cultures.

Uni life

Back with the clichés again. I’ve had an amazing three years for my degree so far and getting to be a part of amazing societies and meet some hopefully lifelong friends is incredible. Oh and the actual studying and learning part is ok too.

Visiting family

I don’t have a massive family, but we all pool together for events and I would never not visit home for a birthday or an event. My family have all contributed so much to my life and where I am,  that the occasional visit is the least I can do.


On a day to day basis I’m a beer drinker, but there’s something very self-empowering about sipping an old whiskey from a nice glass in the evening.


Are there even any other words that start with X? But as I’m a musician I feel I can get away with it.


If you’ve read lots of Laurens blog then I’m sure you would have seen a pic of her in her yellow rain coat pop up once or twice. The colour yellow always reminds me of that coat which she wore almost daily last autumn when we really started getting close and falling in love and all that icky emotional stuff.

Zzz (sleeping)

Idk if this is cheating but I don’t care. Especially as Lauren told me to put this one anyway as I was stuck. She seems to think that all I do is sleep, but I promise that’s not true… at least not completely anyway.


I think he did such a good job! Let me know if you liked this post, and I’ll be back with another post on Wednesday! You can follow Adam on Instagram here.

Thanks so much for reading as always!

Love Lauren + Adam xx



  1. June 4, 2018 / 5:26 am

    great post! Adam should def start his own blog – or since he isn’t too keen on it, write one post a month on yours 😉 wish you two all the best
    Lena xx


    • Lauren
      June 4, 2018 / 7:41 am

      Thank you! That’s a good idea- I will pass it on to him! x

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