A Lovely Weekend

I came back to Fareham this weekend, as it was my sisters 20th birthday on Saturday, and also I had a family meal to go to with Adams side of the family, to celebrate his Mum’s birthday, so it’s been a birthday filled weekend!

I thought I would just share some pictures I have from the weekend, as it’s been such a lovely time (apart from me getting the worlds worst sunburn…) and it will be a nice post for future me to look back on!

Also, on Friday, I found out that I’ll be graduating with a 2:1 which I am so so so pleased about and it’s really taken a weight off my (now sunburnt) shoulders! It was definitely a great start to the weekend! I’ll do a post soon about my third year uni experience, but for now, lets get into what I got up to this weekend!


Turns out, this plant was very spikey!

The cause of my sunburn was from walking round a little area called Hamble, which was really lovely, and me and Adam just spent around an hour chatting about life- which was nice as we haven’t seen each other in a while.

Then my sisters friends surprised her at a nearby pub, so we stayed for that and had a drink with everyone. I’ve discovered that I really love Pink Gin with Lemonade… yummmm.

After this, we chilled at Adams house for a bit, before heading out to his Mum’s Birthday meal, which was lovely, but I definitely ate too much food! We played a few games after the meal, and then Adam stayed over with me at my Mum’s house, and we watched the Office, and applied lots of aftersun, which usually I wouldn’t mention, but we both were extremely sunburnt- which I know is really bad and i was very silly…

I had a lazy morning today, me and Adam just watched a few more episodes of the Office, before he headed back home.

When he left, Mum decided that she wanted to go strawberry picking, which is something we used to do when I was little. I say “we” what I mean is, Mum and Jemma would go strawberry picking, and I’d wait for them in the car, because my hayfever was so bad that even the thought of standing in a field of hay and strawberries set me off on a sneezing fit.

Today however, I helped Mum pick some. Well, I took some cute photos and ate the occasional strawberry now and then. And I didn’t sneeze as much as I thought which was good…

Then we went to a cute tea room for some lunch which was really nice, but again I ate too much food! I also had a really good caramel latte!

We had to do a bit of food shopping for the week, and after this Mum helped me clean out my car, because there was just so much rubbish accumulated in it, and then as it was still really nice weather we headed to the pub for some Pink Gin’s and Lemonade. They taste so nice! Also fun fact, I’m definitely more of a Gin and Lemonade person, than I am a Gin and Tonic person.

Jemma if you’re reading, I hope you had a lovely Birthday!

Sunburn aside, i’ve loved my weekend, and it’s been nice to come home for a bit.

What have you been up to this weekend? Let me know! x

Love as always,

Lauren x


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