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I actually wasn’t planning on writing a post today, even though i’ve set myself a goal of posting every Wednesday and Sunday, I wasn’t feeling very inspired to write something, and didn’t want to just publish something for the sake of maintaining a schedule! I was scrolling through Pinterest, and was finding cute motivational quotes that I could print and stick on my wall, and I found some great ones, so thought i’d share with you some of my favourites!

I found this cute post card in Paperchase this weekend, and I had some cool wrapping paper, so I took this photo, and now I’ve made it my phone background so every-time I’m about to pick up my phone and aimlessly scroll through social media procrastinating, maybe this will inspire me not to. After all, my hand in date is Thursday so really not got long left now!

A little disclaimer, I don’t know all the artists, so if you’re interested then click here to see my motivational pinterest board and you can see loads more motivational quotes and find really cool artists!

motivational quotes

Crazy what some funky wrapping paper and a post card can turn out like!

If not now, when?



This is one of my favourites, and I often find myself thinking about, or asking myself, especially when it comes to small mundane tasks!


Actually, I can.


motivational quote

If you’re doubting yourself, just give yourself a reminder that you can do anything you set your heart to if you work hard, and take a breath and start again. Wowwww, this got deep.

She believed she could, so she did.


motivational quote

I just really love this artwork, but I also see this quote all the time and think it’s pretty cool!


Great things never came from comfort zones.




I’m a big believer of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, as I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life by pushing myself a little bit, it can be scary but it’s worth it!

Be the girl who just went for it. 




Kind of links back to the comfort zone thing, but just go for it, you obviously don’t have to be a girl to appreciate this quote! “Be the cat who just went for it”  basically, just go for it! Whatever it may be that you are trying to motivate yourself for.

Anything’s possible, if you’ve got enough nerve.



Firstly, I bloody love Harry Potter, so naturally anything JK Rowling has written, I’m all for it. Also though, this quote is just really cute and something I like to think is true!

These are just a few of my favourite quotes, but if you go onto Pinterest there are literally hundreds floating around!

I’m trying my best to stay motivated at the moment, by setting myself word limits for each day, and being really strict on myself with it. So far it’s working so i’m pretty pleased with my progress!




I found this picture from halls in my first year of Uni, where I pinned lots of cute motivational things above my desk, so I’ve always been a fan of quotes! They look nice, and it’s nice to remind yourself that you’re capable sometimes!

This time next week, I’ll have completed my Degree in Media and Communications which is a bit crazy to think about!

I’m getting back to my dissertation now, but hopefully you found this post helpful, or just easy to read! Again, if you want more inspiration please head to my Motivational Pinterest Board, which I always am pinning new things to!

Hope everyone’s having a lovely Sunday!

Love, Lauren xx






    • Lauren
      May 15, 2018 / 7:15 pm

      It’s such a cute post card! And definitely agree, it might seem trivial to some people but i’ve found for me it really can help me stay motivated! xx Thanks so much for commenting x

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