April Favourites 2018!

Primark Blemish Blaster

Hi guys, hope everyones well!

I thought I’d do a post talking about all my Favourite Products from the month of April. April has been kind of hectic, so I don’t have that many to talk about, but the ones I do have to mention are all pretty great! Let’s just jump into things….

S k i n c a r e

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish*

My skin has been having a slight meltdown these last few months, and on reflection it was probably because I’d not always been taking off my makeup properly at night. (Or because I eat too much Pizza…) so I thought I’d pick this up again as I used to use it when I was younger and remember it working well.

Basically, when you have makeup on, you take one or two pumps of the cleanser and rub it onto your dry skin, even round your eyes, and it will dissolve all your makeup. At this stage, you will resemble a panda slightly, but fear not, if you take a warm flannel, or muslin cloth and wipe away all the product, your face will be left makeup free and feeling so soft and soothed.

This product really does help calm my skin down, and I’d recommend anyone give it a go!

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado*

I really suffer with dry skin round my eyes, and I get eczema all the time which is honestly the worst, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.  The doctors at my Uni advised that I try a “good quality” eye cream first before using steroids. (Which, as a student, I think is terrible advice, but hey, I’m no doctor) After looking at reviews I decided upon this.

I actually purchased this product last year, but I never really liked it, and I actually found it to be quite painful to use and it would make my eyes sting so much, which was annoying because it was expensive! I don’t know what changed, but when my eyes flared up this month I reached for this and it actually worked to help calm them down, and didn’t sting my eyes. Not too sure why all of a sudden, but it’s helped a lot!

K-Pop Blemish Blaster

I can’t find a link for these online, as I got mine in Primark, but honestly these are incredible. They are little stickers that you put on any spots you have over night, and in the morning it claims to reduce it! You get 20 gel patches for £1.50 and they are soooo worth it. 

I actually couldn’t believe how well these work! They have Salicylic Acid in, which I knew was good for helping fight spots, but when I used these on any spots, by the morning they were less painful, less angry looking, and the following day the main spots had gone.

Has anyone else used these? I hope they work just as well for everyone as they do me, but next time you’re in a Primark, try some of these! I think this takes the crown for my Favourite, Favourite of the month.

M a k e  U p

 L’Oreal Paris Tattoo Signature 24HR Liquid Eyeliner *

I’ve been really enjoying liquid eyeliner this month, and my old one had finally dried out so I had to get a new one. I didn’t really do any research into it, I just went into Superdrug on a lunch break, and picked one I thought looked good. 

I went for this one, as I thought it might be similar to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, which I’ve heard good things about!

This eyeliner is so good! It’s so pigmented and really black, which I love, because I hate it when eyeliners are kind of grey/light black, but this is not that! It also lasts all day long! I went to see Love, Simon with Dan and I bawled my eyes out, but this remained in tact!

Would defo recommend! It’s also really easy to use I find, but I always tend to go for eyeliner pens now!

Ellie Goulding MAC Collection Powder Blush in “I’ll Hold My Breath”

Ellie Goulding MAC Blush

Unfortunately, this was limited edition so I don’t think you can get this anymore, but I’ve had this for years, and when I cleaned my makeup out, I put this back into my makeup bag so I would start using it!

I loveee this. Especially when I’m feeling lazy. I can just swirl my brush in it, put it on, and just like that my blush and bronzer is done! I don’t usually like pink blushes but this one actually looks really nice, and also i’ve found this lasts all day which is good, because usually cheek products never last on me!

F a s h i on 

My Beloved Pink Denim Jacket*

I’m sure everyone and their cat has seen me harping on about my denim jacket, but I love it, so I’m going to keep going until one day I don’t love it anymore… (Can’t see that happening in the near future)

Favourite Pink Denim Boohoo Jacket

Stripey Crop Tops!*

H&M stripey green top

I have been loving these crop tops that I got from H&M. I have them in green and red and they were about £8.99. The one I have linked to is only available online in red and blue now, but I’m pretty sure they still have this in their stores!

I love them! They are so soft, the colours are so vibrant, the tie front is cute af, but. BUT. It also has fun sleeves!

Favourite top

Because the sleeves are so long and wide, it makes the top super comfy, but also fun. What more do you want in a top? I posted an instagram about my fun sleeved top the other day, and people seemed to agree!

So, that’s all I’ve been loving this month! What has been your Favourite product of the month? Comment and let me know!

Thanks as always for reading, and see you soon!

Love, Lauren xx



Just so you know, links marked with * are Affiliate links, basically if you decide to purchase anything from my link, I’ll get a small percentage back! If you’d rather not use my link, that’s totally cool, and no pressure whatsoever! To see a full disclaimer, head to my About page! xx


Just so you know, links marked with * are Affiliate links, basically if you decide to purchase anything from my link, I'll get a small percentage back! If you'd rather not use my link, that's totally cool, and no pressure whatsoever! To see a full disclaimer, head to my About page! xx

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