5 Things | The May Edition

Here we are again, at the end of another month thats whizzed by before we even knew whats happening. I think I say this all the time in my 5 Things Posts, but May has gone by so quickly, and yet so much has happened!

If you’re new around here, every month I compile a list of my top 5 ‘things’ that have happened in the month. I always describe it as similar to a beauty favourites post, but with life stuff instead. So, with that being said, let’s jump into my top 5 things from the month of May!

I finished my degree!

Sussex university

Probably the biggest highlight of the month, but in May, I finally handed in my last ever assignments for my undergraduate degree at uni. In first year the idea of a dissertation terrified me, and to be honest, still did terrify me most of the duration of my final year, but I did it anyway! And I didn’t entirely hate it, which I think is positive if you ask me.

I wrote a whole post about my thoughts on finishing university, so if you’re interested you can read that here.

After I’d handed in my dissertation, we got a chinese, and drove down to the beach to eat it, which sounds cute, and it would have been cute. However, there was a mysterious box a few meters a way from where we were sitting, we didn’t think anything of. But turns out, as we discovered when two dogs took interest in the box, that a baby seagull was inside the box for some reason. Sadly before we could do anything the dogs had got the bird and killed it, so our romantic evening was kind of spoiled after that…

I won “Most Valued” at the Smonies

5 things

As I’m sure everyone knows, this year at Uni I was Producer for our main show for the musical theatre society. (SMuTS- Sussex Musical Theatre Society) At the end of the year, they hold an award ceremony, aptly named, the Smonies, to celebrate the societies achievements throughout the year and hand out awards.

Everyone got a certificate, I won the “Low Res Award” basically because I’d spent ages and so much time on the show programmes, only to realise I’d formatted every page wrong and so the resolution was awful, resulting in a bit of a chaotic situation a week before show week, which was very stressful, and not the best of times! It all got fixed though (thanks to George) and now we can look back on it and laugh…

Also though, there were categories that people could vote on for certain awards, and I actually ended up winning “The Most Valued” which was so cute, and unexpected, and if I hadn’t had about a bottle of wine at the time, I definitely would have cried accepting it! It was just nice to think people had actually voted for me in that category! Was a special night.

Also it was just really fun to see everyone again and celebrate everything we’ve all done! Definitely one of my favourite nights this month!

I got a new Job!

So this month I managed to get a full time job, which I’m excited/nervous about all at the same time!

This was something that I was really worried about when graduating, as the prospect of all summer with no money was not a fun one. But thankfully I managed to get myself a full time job, which I start next Monday! I’m not looking forward to being ‘the new one’ again, but hopefully I’ll be good at it!


I rode a bike- lol



So, one day, when I thought Adam was just going to pick me up from work, he said instead he thought we’d try the bikes that you can hire in Brighton. I was skeptical to say the least. Before now, I honestly couldn’t even tell you the last time I rode a bike!

It was actually a lot of fun though, and only cost like £1.03 for the hour which I thought was quite good. The next day we cycled from Brighton marina to hove, and then we sat on the beach and had some drinks from this cool pub we found.

It’s so nice cycling in Brighton, especially in the evening when it’s a bit quieter, and its actually really fun! Also fun fact, whilst making the GIF’s to put into this post, I was going to e-mail them to me, but ended up emailing them to my old letting agency… so. there’s that! *cringes for eternity*


So, if you know me, you’ll know I like iced coffee. But this month for whatever reason everyone around me seems to be loving it too which is great for me!

If I’m on an open at work with Dan, we’ll both go and get Iced Coffee before we start, sometimes me and Adam will venture to McDonalds’ drive thru, just to get an Iced Caramel Frappuccino, I was drinking loads of Iced Coffee at Uni, the list goes on. May has been iced coffee month, and i’m really okay with that.

I will miss our little iced coffee dates, Dan, if you happen to be reading this!

So, that wraps May’s 5 things post up! It’s been a stressful, but enjoyable month, and one that I’m relieved is out of the way!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and are enjoying this little series on my blog, I really like being able to reflect back on the month, and also looking back on these posts in the future will be nostalgic I’m sure!

Thanks as always for reading,

Love, Lauren xx



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  1. May 30, 2018 / 6:48 am

    Such a cute post 🤗 congratulations on finishing your degree and getting a job!! Also, I laughed a little for your Low Res Award. Hehe 🙊

    • Lauren
      May 30, 2018 / 7:55 am

      thank you so much! And yeah, it was a bit of a fail, but looking back now I can laugh about it! xx

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