How I Store My Makeup

makeup storage

Happy Easter everyone!

Over the last few days i’ve been spring cleaning a lot of my things, including my makeup collection!
The show is over so I have some free time, and I’m trying to procrastinate Uni work so what better way to do that then to tidy everything…

I did one of these posts when I first started my blog, and it was so funny to me to see how I used to store all my makeup! It’s definitely time to update that post, so here is how I currently am storing all of my makeup whilst at Uni! If you are interested, you can look at that very old post here. I have definitely acquired a lot more makeup since that post!

I use a built in drawer that came with my room to store the makeup that I don’t wear on a daily basis, and then I keep a makeup bag on my desk with all my every day stuff in. Having my daily makeup in a bag is just easier in case I ever stay at Adam’s or go home, it’s just easy to grab it and go- I will make a separate post on what I keep in that bag though, so keep your eyes peeled!

I started by just putting all the makeup I owned on my bed, so I could go through and sort everything! Anything that I hadn’t used in 2 months I would throw out, or put aside to give to friends if it was still in a usable condition.
Side note, my makeup bag is from Primark, and I really love it, it’s massive so I can just chuck so much stuff into it and not have to worry!

makeup storage at uni

I have a lot of makeup palettes, which I just put in the drawer- I have actually planned a separate post on my favourites soon, but I really love palettes and I do like to collect them, as you can probably tell! I really want the Naked Heat Palette but I really do not need it… But I really want it….

Update- I found an Urban Decay discount code for 15% off, and I’ve just been paid, so I may or may not have a new palette on the way….

I use a cutlery drawer insert thing to house all the random bits and bobs of makeup. Although it may not look the most organised, I like to think of it as organised chaos- I know where everything is!

I keep some highlighters I don’t use every day, the foundations I’m not currently using, and then all my fun glitters and bright eyeshadows in the back. Also have some primers and setting sprays thrown in the mix as well!

I then have a pencil pot which I think is from Primark, which I keep all my eye liners, lip liners, and some lip products in! Just in front of that, I have an acrylic makeup storage thing I got from Amazon, which I use to store all my lipsticks, and lipglosses!

I have cut down my makeup collection a lot! I definitely think I have more than most “normal” people, but I have kind of been collecting it since I was in year 9 maybe, and now I’m in my final year of Uni! I love high end and drugstore makeup and love experimenting with new products all the time!

I’d definitely recommend sorting through your makeup now and then,  just to get rid of any thing that may have gone out of date, or that you just don’t use anymore. If I don’t use something and it’s still in good condition I always give it to my friends so it’s not going to waste!

Hopefully someone found this interesting- I know I love being nosey when it comes to what makeup people have!

Loads of love as always,

Lauren xx



  1. Charlotte's Picks
    April 6, 2018 / 10:46 am

    I love looking at these types of posts, I always find it so interesting to see how other store their makeup. 15% off go on girl!!Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    • Lauren Harding
      April 6, 2018 / 12:35 pm

      Same! Glad you enjoyed! And ooh I know, was too tempting not to- used it for the first time today though, and it's safe to say i'm in love! xx

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