D.I.Y Flatlay Photography Background

DIY Flatlay background

Hello! Firstly, I hope everyone likes my new layout! To be completely honest, I’m still figuring out how it all works, but hopefully in due time all will be swell! I’ve spent my Sunday D.I.Y’ing a double sided Flatlay photography background, and figured I’d tell you how I did it!

Now, I’m going to admit, the end result isn’t perfect, but for something I just thought about today, and for a first attempt, I’m happy with my work, and hope to start taking some nice flatlays for my blog to go with my fancy af new layout. I dragged my Mum to our local craft shop (I went to the Range, in case anyone lives near one!) and picked up some craft goodies.

It was actually really fun, and good to be really creative for once, even though I can admit its not my strong point! Here’s what I got, in case any bloggers out there are wanting to create something similar!

You will need:

A1 Foam Board

Background of choice. I decided to use one side with a marble background (obviously) and for the other side I knew I wanted a wooden table effect. I ended up getting a roll of marble sticky vinyl paper, and a metre of vinyl tablecloth for the wooden effect.

Glue if using something that isn’t sticky on the back.

Ruler, to smooth out surfaces.


A helping hand, if you’re lucky! (thanks, Mum!)

flatlay background

To get started on my flatlay photography background, I focused on the wooden effect side to begin with. I measured and cut my fabric to shape, and then I used superglue on the board.

This was where my first (of many) mistakes were made. I did the glue in like a swirly fashion, which meant when laying the fabric over it, because of the plastic feeling material, it dried all weird and doesn’t look too fab! But, I can always cover this with products when taking photos, and I still really love how it looks!

Make your own flatlay photography background

As you can see, the glue has dried all weird onto the fabric, but hopefully when I start using the board for as a background for flatlay photos, it shouldn’t be that noticeable!

Make your own flatlay photography background

For the marble side of the board, I flipped the foam board over, and cut out the correct sized shape from the roll of marble vinyl I got. It was slightly easier than the wooden side, as no glue was required, because it’s essentially like a big sticker! It kind of felt as if you were applying a massive phone screen protector to something- a very stressful experience indeed.

Make your own flatlay photography background

Make your own flatlay photography background

The blur on the photograph captures the stressful experience we were about to endure…

After spending  a g e s smoothing out all the bubbles from this side, it still isn’t perfect but I think imperfection can be beautiful in some cases…. maybe not this case, but hey let’s keep it positive. 

It’s difficult to get a picture of the finished flat lay photography background, as obviously its double sided, so instead I forced Mum to take some cringey boomerangs of me!

flatlay photography background


The end result is a bit bumpy, but I think once I have products on top of it, and after editing, it will still be fine to use! I decided to go for a foam board, rather than just normal card as it’s a bit stronger, and meant I could make it double sided! I’d also be interested to play around with the marble side, as it’s much more shiny than the wooden side, so maybe that will be an issue..

Overall this only cost around £10 to make, so I’d definitely say it’s something to consider if you’re looking for a good flatlay photography background. And, you could probably do it much better than me! I think in hindsight, maybe I should have used a spray adhesive so I could have gotten a more even coverage of glue. We live and learn.

This was a really fun, and quick project, and I’m hoping to put it to good use!

Let me know what you think, and thanks as always for reading!

Love, Lauren xx



  1. April 29, 2018 / 4:58 pm

    Very nice! I use an actual piece of wood for my Instagram photos, but I love the convenience of having that double sided board!

    • Lauren
      April 29, 2018 / 5:13 pm

      An actual piece of wood… why did I never think of that! hahaha, and well hopefully I can get some good use out of this board!Thanks for commenting x

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