5 Things | March Edition

Wooow, what a month.

March was by far the busiest month of my entire life so it was quite hard narrowing it down to 5 moments, hence why this post is slightly late! Nonetheless, here is what I’ve come up with…. (If you want to see previous months ‘5 Things’ it’s a whole category on my blog)

1. I had an interview at Samsung!: I didn’t get the job I was applying for, so you may be confused as to why I’m including it in my highlights of the month, however, I was so nervous to go to this interview- it was actually more of an assessment centre, so I was there all day and did several tasks, but I actually quite enjoyed it. Enjoying an interview? whaaat? It made me realise I definitely do want to go into Human Resources, and I felt like I learnt a lot about myself. When they phoned me to tell me I hadn’t been successful, they also gave me some feedback, which was really helpful and positive, and I can use all their advice in the future. Also there were 12 of us all going for 1 role, and considering they said over 1000 people had applied, I was proud that I made it to the top 12! I was just really proud I went, because I almost didn’t as I thought I couldn’t do it, but I did!


2. Seeing Tom Misch in London: This was my gift to Adam for Christmas, but I actually really enjoyed it as well! Tom Misch is incredible live and I’d really recommend you listen to his music, he’s coming out with a new album in less than a week now which is very exciting. At the beginning of March we went to the Roundhouse, which is in Camden, and actually a really cool venue, to see him live. It was one of my favourite concerts I’ve ever been to, and I wrote a blog post about what else we got up to in London, which you can see here.


3. I produced a show… I couldn’t do a round up of the month without mentioning the biggest part of my month! I have actually written a giant post all about my experience on being a producer, which you can read here but basically, this is probably my biggest achievement to date, and I’m so happy everything went well! I won’t ramble, because I’ve gone into so much detail in the post I wrote, but essentially March was a big month for me all round!

4. I applied for a Masters in Human Resource Management: Following on from not getting the job at Samsung, I decided instead of looking for another job, I’d apply to do a masters instead. I had been toying with the idea for a few months, but after realising it’s an industry I really want to get into, I thought I may as well apply. Writing a personal statement all over again was not fun, and gave me some horrible college flashbacks, but I think it turned out okay! I don’t know if i’ve been accepted yet, but hopefully I will be!



5. Myself and Adam had a cute, “de stress” day after the show: Adam was also working on the show I produced, as Musical Director, so essentially in charge of all the music for the show, the band, and conducting, and as it was a musical, you can imagine he had a pretty big job. We both had got a bit stressed leading up to the show, so when it was over it was really nice to just spend a day not doing much at all. We went and got a coffee, went to our favourite spot we’ve found in Brighton, and we also went to a fancy Next, which had just opened a Paperchase inside of it (how exciting is that!) and I got way too excited over a pink rain mac I found, and all the cute stationery. It was just a nice day, and It was one of my faves this month.

Every time I write these posts I feel like the months are passing me by faster and faster! April will be pretty exciting as its my 21st Birthday! March was an amazing, stressful, crazy month for me!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my top five memories this month!

Loads of love,

Lauren xx


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