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Hi guys!


Thought I’d pop up a little picture heavy post about what I got up to over the week-end to celebrate me turning 21! I had such a lovely relaxed week-end, and the sun was shining, so it was lovely! I figure this will be a nice post to look back on one day, and if you’re feeling nosey, I hope you enjoy!


Friday 20th April


Friday was a  b e a u t i f u l  day here in Brighton and I was in such a great mood all day! I wrote a blog post in the sunshine, tried Iced Coffee for the first time, and then myself, Adam and my friend Eddie decided to go and get an Ice Cream and have some drinks on the beach!

Good times in the sun!


Got my standard Lemon Sorbet, but also got blue candyfloss flavour! Was soo good!

Saturday 21st April


So, on Saturday, Adam took me out for breakfast at Bills, and we both got some pancakes and they were so damn tasty. I also got a Coffee milkshake, which was nice, but I couldn’t finish it all!


We then went on a walk to try and find this bluebell forest we’d read about online. The directions really weren’t clear so it was a cute little adventure, and we did manage to find the bluebells! I think because of the hot weather though, they were starting to die a bit, but it was fun to go somewhere new, and just walk and talk!


In the evening, a few of my friends went to a cocktail bar in Brighton and had one too many cocktails, and then went to the 24hr restaurant in Brighton for some food! I don’t have any pics because I forgot to look at my phone to be honest, but it was lovely! Also, discovered I like Espresso Martinis  v e r y  much!



I was wearing sandals, but thought they probably weren’t the greatest shoe choice to go on a walk!


If only I remembered I had sunglasses on my head…



I need my haircut so bad!








Sunday 22nd April (My Birthday!)


You can see my insta story about what I got up to on my birthday in my highlights on Instagram!

Click the “21” little bubble on my insta profile! x

But, the day started by me opening my birthday cards and presents in bed, and then I got ready, picked my friends up, and went to meet my family at a restaurant in Brighton!


My Mum had decorated the table with loads of bubbles, with stickers of my face on them which was so cute! Also, she had made one with my blog logo on which was really adorable!






We had so much food! And it was so cute, because Mum had decorated the table with loads of “21” related things! Also, everyone in the restaurant sang happy birthday to me (you can see that on insta) which was embarassing, but I feel like I dealt with it pretty well! hahaha- why am I so awkward!

After lunch, we were going to walk to the beach for an ice cream, but the lovely weather had now dissapeared, and was now really cold and windy. Instead, we went to a nearby pub for a drink, and then took a few photos!



After my family left, my friends and I decided to go bowling! Also, I came second, which is decent for me! After bowling, we had some drinks in the bar, and went in the arcade for a bit like the true kids we are. I also won a slinky! Crazy times people, crazy times.

Blurry photo, and the sun blocks out the fact this says “Happy 21st” but this picture just makes me laugh



So, that was my 21st Birthday in a nutshell! It was so nice and I had such a nice week-end! Thank you to anyone who wished me a happy birthday on Instagram by the way, that was quite cool! It may not have been overly big or flashy, but honestly I didn’t want that, and it felt like just a really enjoyable, no pressure weekend!


Thanks as always for reading,


Love, Lauren xx



  1. Claire S
    April 25, 2018 / 4:07 pm

    Happy Belated Birthday – it looks like a great way to celebrate <3G is for Gingers xx

    • Lauren Harding
      April 25, 2018 / 5:35 pm

      Thanks so much Claire! It was a lovely weekend! x

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