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Well heyyyyy there.

Sorry it’s a been a while with no blog posts- as I mentioned in my last post, March is the most hectic month for me, so i’ve been trying to get everything done! (Losing my mind slightly, but we’ll pretend things are okay…) Anyway, this weekend was a pretty nice one, so thought I’d just share some photos and chat about what I got up to. 

Apologies for the unprofessional photos, let’s pretend its me being really authentic and cool, rather than not taking many photos, and being a prepared blogger… Sometimes you just got to live in the moment…

Fun discovery, people like umbrellas in London way more than the people in Brighton do. They take them very seriously.

The face of a couple who just spent a ridiculous amount of money on a shitty umbrella from a tourist shop.. in the hopes of fitting in with the umbrella crowd.

1: “How will we know when it takes pict-oh”
2. “Let’s pretend we’re a really cute couple.”
3. “Crap, what should we do? ah ill just kiss your cheek…”
4. “Just be weird.”
Camden photobooth adventures…
I might just cut this polaroid in half hahaha

Why do i still think the peace sign is cool? We will never know, and I’ll probably continue to keep doing it forever.
The Roundhouse is a really cool venue!

Tom Misch is v cool, and the lighting was soooo coooooool, everything was cool basically.

More umbrella fans… also some people get v aggressive with their umbrellas…

For Christmas, I got Adam tickets to see Tom Misch, so this weekend it finally came round so we drove down to London to spend the day there before the concert. On the journey there we listened to a cool new Podcast i’ve been obsessed with called ‘My Favourite Murder’ which sounds weird, but if you really like true crime stories I’d really recommend it! It’s really funny, in a non weird way. Obviously murder is not funny… I’m digging a hole, but basically the way the hosts talk about it in a really casual way is funny and makes it easy to listen to! Also listening to a podcast makes me feel all fancy and grown up… the fact i’ve said that probably proves i’m not, but anyway- podcasts are great!

Tom Misch is great live, and also it was so nice because there was a boy there with his family sat in front of us, and he was loving it so much, getting up and dancing to every song, and just genuinely showing so much joy and passion it was so lovely to see, and i actually nearly cried with happiness for him, because you could just tell this was like the best night of his life! 

If you have never heard of Tom Misch, listen to his stuff on Spotify, he’s about to release a new album, and I think he’s going to get really big by the sounds of things! I’d definitely watch him live again. I’d even go as far to say it was one of the best concerts i’ve been to!

Saturday and Sunday were spent doing show related stuff as it is only 9 days away now!! On Saturday we were supposed to do a flashmob in town, but then it rained loads so we just went to Spoons instead! Spoons will never fail you. 

On Saturday evening I learnt how to play Poker with a few friends, and as it turns out, apparently I’m good at it? I have no idea what I’m doing to be honest,  but it was a fun night anyway!

Sunday was a rehearsal day, and we were putting the show together with the band! It was a long day but it was very successful and everythings sounding really good! Bonus points if you can spot me in this photo 😉 

If you are local to Brighton, and fancy coming to see the muscial version of “Jekyll and Hyde” you can get your tickets here. It’s running 21st-24th March at the Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts, which is on Sussex Uni campus!

So many people, including myself, have worked tirelessly to make sure next week goes well and I can’t believe how fast show week is creeping up on me! Scary, but exciting times ahead!

So that was my weekend, it was actually really fun, and made a change not having work for once!  

Hope you guys all had a nice weekend and start to the week. Sorry if blog posts are a bit hit and miss during March, but there is so much life stuff going on it’s hard to keep on top of everything!

Hope you enjoyed,

Love from Lauren xx


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  1. Abby Wheeler
    March 12, 2018 / 6:30 pm

    Spoons is always good

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