5 Things // February Edition

Hi everyone,

So keeping up with my mini “5 Things” series on my blog, I thought it was about time to reflect on the month of February! Also though, how is it March?! I have such a busy month it’s stressing me out just thinking about it, but alas, I digress, as usual.

If you’re new around here, I introduced this series on my blog, where every month I talk about 5 things I want to remember. It’s kind of similar to a monthly favourites, but instead of talking about products, talking about life stuff instead!
You can read my 5 things post from January here, and also there is a dedicated section on my blog under “Categories” where you can find all of the posts i’ve done so far in this series.

February definitely had it’s ups and downs. There were some crappy moments, but i’ve focused on the positives in this post so lets jump into it!

1. My best friend, Abby, surprised me from America. Probably my fave memory from the month of Feb, was Abby surprising me during some auditions for the show. I honestly had been having a really rubbish start to the month and seeing her made me feel so much better, and we had such a lovely time catching up! It’s crazy how even though she’s miles away, we still are such good friends, and when she came back it was like she hadn’t even left at all!

2. Along a similar line, we went for brunch and I really enjoyed it. Putting going for brunch as one of my highlights of the month seems a bit extra, but our brunch at Redroaster Cafe in Brighton was such a nice day, and I really did enjoy it! We took so many photos in the Cafe, and we chatted for ages, and sat on the beach in the sun and it was just a moment that I thought I would want to remember, so here it is, in my top 5 of the month. Abby, feel privileged. 

3. The show I’m producing is coming along, slowly but surely! If you read my blog a lot, or follow me on social media, then you will know I am the Producer for my Uni’s main musical theatre production of the year, Jekyll & Hyde. In feb, rehearsals started up again after Christmas, we recruited some new members to the cast, sorted out all the headshots and I just feel like we are making good progress. This month has definitely been stressful as well, and I’ve had a few mini breakdowns about the show programme, but this time next month it will all be over, so I’m making the most of it! 

4. We celebrated Adam finishing and submitting his Dissertation, and it was v v cute. Adams degree structure is different to mine, which means he’s already handed in his dissertation, and I’m yet to really even start mine properly yet… But we went to Bill’s in Lewes for a celebratory meal and it was just nice to celebrate his hard work. Also we went on a mini photoshoot for him to get a pic with his dissertation which was cute as well.  Also I got a Pink Lemonade float which made me feel like a child, but I had no regrets, it tasted a m a z i n g.

5. It snowed!!! In Brighton!!! And we went on a cute adventure and took some pretty pictures. I’m not actually the biggest fan of snow, but it does look really pretty, especially around Brighton! Adam dragged me on a 2 hour long walk, which I was pretty reluctant for, but we had the cutest time, and saw some beautiful snowy sights. We also took so many pictures, and somehow, my eyes are shut in most of them. Such a professional blogger. That aside, it was a nice day. It’s actually still snowing here in Brighton and I’m kind of over it now, but still, it was a cute memory!

So that’s my 5 Things for the month of February! March is a pretty busy month for me, so everyone pray that I survive it.

Let me know what your fave Feb moment is!

Lots of Love,

Lauren xx


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