Products I’ve Used Up // Empties #4

Hey guys, hope you’re well!

I’m mainly writing this post today because I’d like to throw all these products in the bin, but also I felt like writing and so here we are, my fourth empties post. You can see the other three, here, here and here, if you like these! Please remember that those old posts are basically ancient now, and most are from 2013/2014 but I found it pretty interesting to look back on things I’ve fully used up throughout the years.

Anyyyyway, It’s currently snowing so much in Brighton it’s so pretty! I have squished myself into a patch of sunlight on my bed (I’m basically a cat) But here are some empty products I have used up throughout the year so far. I’ll talk about the product, and whether I would repurchase!

The Body Shop Body Butters in Raspberry and Shea. 

I could only link to the Shea scented one, as the Raspberry was limited edition, but I really have enjoyed these. I have insanely dry skin, and also often get eczema so I have to moisturise after I shower or I’d probably shrivel up. (Like a raisin, and in my opinion, raisins are kinda gross) I got given the Shea body butter for Christmas, and whilst the smell wasn’t my favourite I’ve ever tried, it definitely was the most moisturising body butter I’ve used.

I got the Raspberry one in the Christmas sales for half price- usually these body butters are £15, or £6 for a travel size version. But this one smelt like sweets! Adam loved the smell of this one too, to the point he said he wanted to eat it… fml. But I’ve used both up and I would definitely re buy more. I’ve used these for years now, and they have so many different scents to choose from.

Would I repurchase? – yaaas.

The Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water

I don’t really see the hype with Micellar waters, because I always feel like they haven’t taken my makeup off properly, but this one was very different! It had two layers, so the micellar water, and then a layer of oil, which when you shook the bottle all mixed together.

This really worked for me, and I was very impressed. I was expecting it to leave oily residue all over my face, but it didn’t at all, and felt nice to use. It didn’t sting my eyes, and it smelled pleasant.

Would I repurchase? -Yes, and around £3.29 It seems too good to be true! When I did go to repurchase it though, they didn’t have this version left, so I’ve actually just got the normal Garnier Micellar Water, but I don’t think it’s as good as the oil infused version- cry 🙁

The Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

I used up this Bioré face wash and I actually really liked it. It was fully black, because of the Charcoal, but it smelt nice, and always left my face feeling really clean, and not too dry or tight, if that makes any sense.

Would I repurchase? Probably, if it was on sale. Currently I have replaced this with the baking soda version of their facewash, which is also nice! I’ve linked to this on Feel Unique where its on sale for £3.49 at the moment!

The Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash

Again, another Christmas gift, but I really do love the normal Soap & Glory body wash, and have done for years. It’s my Mum’s favourite as well so always used to steal it in the shower, and blame my sister. Mum and Jemma, if you’re reading, lol sorryyyyy

Anyway, this is a much fresher scent, and smells like limes mixed with sugar. It smelt good! Not sure if I prefer it to the original though.

Would I repurchase? I guess so. You can get a big bottle that has a pump for in the shower for £6.50, so it is more expensive than your average showergel, but they do feel very nice to use, and the smells they do are incredible. You can get Soap & Glory from Boots.

Sure Shower Fresh Deodorant & Dove Go Fresh Deodorant in Pear and Aloe Vera.

I haven’t linked these, because its just deodorant, but I have used these up so thought I would throw them into this post! Out of the two I think I prefer the scent of the Dove one, as it was very fruity, but the Sure one was also nice, and smelt very fresh and clean. Why am I talking about deodorant on my blog now? What is my life…

Would I repurchase?– I’m not too picky when it comes to deodorants, and usually just go for whatever happens to be on sale so if these were on sale I probably would!

So, thats all the products I’ve used so far throughout 2018. I’m so excited to finally be able to throw these all away now! Let me know if you’ve used any of these and what your thoughts are!

Speak soon,

Lauren xx


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  1. Danielle
    March 10, 2018 / 1:34 pm

    Great post. I'm always so nosey when it comes to finding out what bathroom products people use. I have the Sugar scrub from soap & glory and so I'm going to give it a bash. Love love love the oil infused micellar water from Garnier! 🙂

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