5 Things // January Edition

I was scrolling through Bloglovin’ this morning- which by the way if you’re not following me on, please do so here it’s a really nice way of following your favourite  bloggers and catching up on their latest posts! (cheeky plug) but I came across this post by Dena from her blog The Dena Edit describing a new mini series for bloggers. Named “5 Things” the general idea is that you round up the month with the 5 top memories, or things you’ve done in the month.

It’s kind of like a monthly favourites post, but not with products, with real life stuff! If that makes sense…

Anyway, I really loved the concept, so I thought I would start it myself as well.

I think it will be nice to look back on in the future, so without further ado, here are my 5 things from January:

1.  I’ve made lots of positive changes. This month I was determined to stick to my New Years resolutions and I’ve actually managed so far. I have been drinking at least 2 litres of water a day (most days) and I actually have started going to the Gym twice a week. It might not seem a lot to some people, but to me I was actually terrified of the gym, as I thought everyone would just stare at me and think I’m stupid. But it’s really not the case. (Except maybe that time I fell flat on my face on a treadmill…) I’m hoping this is something I can continue as I really would like to feel a bit better about my health/appearance this year. If not now, when? is a quote which really made me think about things, and I feel i’ve put that into practice a bit this month.

2. Acquired a house cat! If you know me at all, you will know I actually love cats. Just before Christmas we had a cute cat come running into the house, who we have named Pableet (I thought the cat was a boy, so called it Pablo, my friend discovered she was a girl, so Pablo turned into Pableet) but throughout January she started coming over at least once a day! And currently as I’m writing she is asleep next to me, so basically she’s ours now! Yaaaaas. She has the loudest bell ever on her collar so we always listen out for her and invite her in when she’s outside. I feel I’m sounding like a crazy cat lady now, but to be honest with you, I am a crazy cat lady, and I have no shame…. This is my current view:

So precious *heart eye emoji*

3. I Started up blogging again! Feel I couldn’t skip this one! In January I decided I wanted to start blogging again, but start taking things a bit more seriously- whilst still having fun, of course. I still have a long way to go in terms of photography skills, and followers, but I have really enjoyed it this month. I definitely think giving my blog a makeover helped massively with my motivation, but I have been blogging on and off since 2013 now, so I think it’s finally time to actually do it properly for once. So far, so good! I’ve had loads of nice feedback from people I know, and I was usually terrified to plug my posts on my social media, because I thought no-one would care what little old me had to say, but this year, I’ve decided to stop worrying about what others may think, and just do what I want to do! So far, it has gone well, and I’m excited to carry on blogging throughout the year!

4. Making a programme for a Musical Theatre production, is very difficult. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned on my blog before that I’m currently the Producer for my Universities Musical Theatre Society production this year.  By the way, if you’re around Brighton in March, please come see! Its Jekyll & Hyde the musical, and we have some incredibly talented cast involved! Tickets can be purchased here! I didn’t actually realise just how much work and effort goes into producing a show, and this month I’ve been spending most of my evenings trying to design the show programme, with a lot of help from Adam, to stop me from having an emotional breakdown! I’m finally getting somewhere with them though, and I am so excited for this term! I’m loving my role, and I think I will be quite sad when the shows over!

5. I found a lovely flat for next year! The picture of drinks is unrelated, I just wanted future me to remember them, and also, the restaurant we had them in is kind of near the new place. Alas, I digress. Myself, Adam and our friend Eddie finally found somewhere to live for next year! It felt like it took f o r e v e r but I’m glad we waited as now we going to be moving into a really nice flat, that even has a balcony! Anytime someone asks me about the flat, I mention it has a balcony. Admittedly the worlds smallest balcony, but a balcony nonetheless. We had a bit of a scare at the Estate Agents as when we went in to sign some papers, the guy told us someone had just beaten us to it! We were all so gutted, but about ten minutes later he phoned again letting us know he had made a mistake and that the flat was available if we wanted it! It’s in a really lovely area of Brighton and I’m really happy and excited for next year!

So that’s my “5 Things” post done for January. Overall, I’d say the month has been pretty good for me. There has definitely been some low points *cough* that all nighter I did *cough* but I’d say on the whole it was a pretty positive month! Let’s hope it continues!

Let me know in the comments what stood out for you in January, and I hope you enjoyed reading!

See you all soon,

Lauren xxx



  1. Abby Wheeler
    February 3, 2018 / 11:25 pm

    Hi pableet

    • Lauren Harding
      February 4, 2018 / 12:01 am

      you're my number one fan

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