Goals for 2018 + Reflections on 2017…

Some people who have made my year so fab!

It’s currently the 1st January 2018, I am procrastinating doing the disgusting amount of all of my Uni work which I have yet again, left far too late, so instead I thought I would do a little blog post about my New Years Resolutions, and reflect a bit on how my 2017 went.

2017 was actually not too bad for me to be honest. I met some incredible people who I think I’ll be friends with for a long time, I started a relationship which I am genuinely so happy in, made some hilarious memories with old friends and new, and also I took on a huge challenge which terrified me at the time, but now I’m honestly so glad I did. It was also the year I think i decided on a career path, which is exciting!

I took on the role of Producer for my Uni’s musical theatre societies main show, which seemed stupid at the time, as I have no experience with musical theatre whatsoever, but my boyfriend said he thought i’d be good at it as I’m organised, and now we’re in January and I am actually really enjoying myself, and am so thankful that I took on this opportunity! I have met so many incredible, talented people from it! The show I’m producing (Jekyll & Hyde)  is in March so it’s creeping up slowly on me, so there is lots to do! But its all fun and exciting and I’m excited to see how it all goes. 

As a result,  I’m kind of thinking that I would like to go into the Human Resources industry. I’m currently debating whether or not to do a Masters next year in Human Resources Management, or to try go straight into work, I’m really torn! On the one hand, I think if i did a masters, it could make my CV stand out, I can still apply for more Grad schemes, and also it would be nice to study something different for a year. Also it would allow me to potentially go straight into quite a high level position which can always be a good thing! Only downside is the money side of things would really stress me out, but if i do well in my undergrad, I can get some money off. Decisions decisions…

I’ve decided when I graduate I’d like to stay in Brighton, as it just feels like my home now, and I know I would really miss it if I left.  As it stands currently looking at 4 bedroom houses with my boyfriends and friends, (I basically live at their house anyway) which I think will be really fun to actually live with them.

Also Abby comes back from her year abroad next year, and even if we don’t live together again, I’m sure she’ll always be at mine, or we’ll end up at hers smashed at the end of a night out stuffing our faces with some disgusting takeaway… can’t wait for that to be honest. Also another reason I’m leaning towards a masters is because most of my friends will still be studying as well, and I know that’s a silly thing but I think i would feel better that way, gaaah idk, the only thing stopping me is the money, and i’d have to work at least 20 hours a week on top of studying in order to afford it. I’m aware i’ve just been rambling… I feel like I needed to get thoughts out of my brain and into writing though.

Anyway, looking forward to 2018, I’m feeling positive about it! I graduate this year (heck) but also I’ve made some resolutions which I really want to stick to. 

  1.  Drink at least 2 Litres of water a day. I got a cool new water bottle which has like time limits on the side so I’m going to aim to drink two bottles a day. So far so good! (I started yesterday) Although it is making me have to pee so so much, which is kind of annoying. 
  2. Go the Gym 2 times a week.  This one I’m actually SO determined to try and do! When I tell people this is one of my resolutions they just laugh and think I won’t do it, so I just want to prove people wrong. Also if i use my Uni gym I can also park my car there all day for much cheaper which might motivate me to go. I know i can do it, and it would be nice to feel slightly better about myself, so I really want this to happen.
  3. Be better with my Money. This year i was actually so bad, but it stressed me out, and i hate being stressed about money, it seems so stupid, so this year I’m going to try and be much better.
  4. Make more of an effort with friends– I’m so bad with just not meeting up with people, but I have so much more fun when i’m with friends so really want to try meet up with them more often! 
  5. Graduate with a 2:1-  Pretty straightforward!

Hopefully this time next year I can look back and pat myself on the back for sticking with them all year. Fingers crossed anyway.

I hope anyone reading this had a fab new year, and are excited for the fresh start! Thanks for reading my rambles xx

Lauren x x


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