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Over the weekend my lovely friend Bronwyn from A Bee’s World tagged me on Instagram to share 5 facts about myself. I thought instead of doing it on Insta Stories like she did, I’d do it on my blog, as I haven’t blogged recently, and this seems like a good excuse!

Bronwyn’s recent blog post was inspired by my Thoughts I had Whilst Doing My All Nighter post, and she wrote about thoughts she had whilst in the Gym. It was very funny, and as I’ve just started going to the Gym myself, it was very relatable! If you fancy reading her post, click here- it’s worth it, and she’s lovely so go spread some love!

We went on a college trip to Italy with our Classical Civilisation class and it was probably the highlight of college for me! I did a post a g e s ago about that trip, click here if interested.

Without further ado, 5 facts you may not have known about me: 

1. I have a phobia of slow worms, and also seesaws. 

I can almost hear everyone thinking “wtf?” at this statement. My fear of slowworms stems from the fact boys at school used to find them in the fields, and put them in my hair. Aren’t teenage boys just l o v e l y? Because I have long hair, I sometimes wouldn’t notice until one just fell out of my hair in Science one time. Traumatising. Also then our school thought it would be great to start an after school slow worm club?? Wtf! Literally my worst nightmare. 

The fear of seesaws isn’t so irrational. One time after school two of my friends thought it would be funny to see how high they could get me to go on a seesaw, so both of them got on one end, and I got on the other. As a result of them literally jumping so hard, I flipped over the seesaw, smashed my face on the middle of it, and bashed up my lip so badly, it was swollen and bruised for days after.  

One time I accidentally made my cousin cry (he was about 5 or 6) because I refused to go on a seesaw with him. Sorry Lucas, but I don’t trust them anymore. 

2. I’m allergic to Methylisothiazolinone.

Don’t have a clue what that is? Neither did I this time last year. Basically its a preservative found in some shampoos and shower gels and other cosmetics.  I’ve mainly found it to be an issue in shampoos though, so I have to be careful to buy shampoos without it in! Basically if I use a shampoo/showergel with this in (can you tell I’m trying to avoid typing the full name out again?) I just get really dry, itchy skin, which isn’t ideal, so I just avoid it all together. 

3. I have four tattoos.

I feel like people don’t expect me to be the ‘type’ to have tattoos. Alas, they are wrong. I think tattoos are awesome, and I love mine. Me and my sister are looking to get a new one together this year, which I am excited for. I have one on my wrist, my back, my ribs, and my ankle. Maybe later on in the year when I get my new one, I’ll do a proper post about them. 

4. Controversially, I really hate bacon. 

Don’t really have much else to say about this! Although, because I am socially awkward, one time when I was a lot younger my friends dad had made us bacon sandwiches after a sleepover, and I reluctantly just ate it rather than tell him I hated bacon. That was the worst, but I felt bad he had gone to the trouble of making me a sandwich so just had to suck it up! 

5. If I ever won the lottery, I would like to get into the property industry.

After being a student and dealing with crappy landlords, I think if I ever won the lottery, after making sure family were all comfortable etc, I think I would invest money into student houses, but i would make sure I was a nice landlady. And i’d let people have cats. Because I feel if I had a cat, a lot of my problems could be solved. Also then on house inspections I could just come round and see their cats. Yaaaas.

So there’s my five facts about me! Thanks again Bronwyn for tagging me to do this! It was quite fun, but also made me realise I’m quite a weird person.

If any other bloggers are reading want to do this post, please feel free and leave a link in the comments! 

Make sure you all go check out Bronwyn’s Blog, and Instagram!

Thanks for reading!

Lauren xx


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