28 Thoughts I Had On My All-Nighter // UNI

This post is not going to be worth reading, (New blog content off to a brilliant start) alas here we are anyway. Currently 00:28 am, I have three deadlines for 4pm, and naturally, me being me, left everything to the last minute. I hate myself and will never learn. I literally do this every term, and tell myself I work best under pressure, and to be fair to myself, I do always seem to get better results if I’ve left something to last minute, but I would not recommend. It’s not worth the stress.

This year, I have seriously underestimated how much work third year entails, so I have ended up having to pull my first all-nighter. (Am I officially a student now? Nope. Just an idiot.) 

Having never actually pulled an all-nighter before I actually Googled how best to prepare for one. (I am so lame, but also it was another way to productively procrastinate.) After work I went home to make some pasta, and took the suggested 90 minute nap. I showered quickly and now here we are…

As I’m procrastinating anyway, may as well make it semi productive. (Can you tell I’m a fan of procrastinating productively?)  Here are some of my thoughts whilst on my all night library adventure. I am writing these as I go, so who knows where we’ll end up. We can go on this journey together. Lucky you. 

THOUGHT ONE // 00:34 am

 I should not have dressed so comfortably. The library is way busier than I thought. I feel gross and also of course today is the one time i’ve bumped into people I know in the library. If any of you happen to be reading this, all i can do is apologise for looking like a human toe nail.  On a positive note, the colour of my Vans matches the colour of my hoodie, so at least people may think I kind of tried?

OOTN? Featuring a lovely background of the Library toilets.

THOUGHT TWO // 00:56 am

Redbull tastes disgusting, and makes me shake a lot. On the plus side though, I don’t feel tired yet, but equally I am sat here writing this, as opposed to doing work, so i should probably get back to that…

THOUGHT THREE  // 00:58 am

I feel like someone has managed to sneak a Dominos into the library. I can smell pizza and its quite distracting. Also a genius idea, and I’m quite jealous.

THOUGHT FOUR // 1:04 am

There is a cleaner hoovering right behind me. Hoping they’re not reading over my shoulder.  I know the library needs to be cleaned, but does it really need to be hoovered, right now, at 1am in the silent area? To be fair, I imagine this is usually a quiet time for the library. I’m sure they don’t want to be doing it either to be honest, but its quite annoying.

Why you lie?

THOUGHT FIVE // 1:10 am

The girl in the pod next to me has some weird methods of studying and a verrrrrry annoying habit of tapping her pen on the table constantly. She keeps getting up and down, peering into my booth, wandering around a lot, sighing. I mean, I get its a struggle to be in the library at this time, but 


All these thoughts are very close together, I need to buckle down for a bit…

My home for the night

THOUGHT SIX // 1:25 am

(Wow, buckled down for a solid 15 mins!) 

I have finished my 473ml can of Redbull. Scared for the rest of the night. Going off on a tangent but imagine if Redbull actually did give you wings. I could just fly around the library. Wonder if people would think thats weird, or report me to security. Now i’m laughing at the thought of me flying around the library and someone reporting me. “Get out the library, you can’t fly in here.” I’m sat here sniggering to myself now.

S e n d H e l p.

THOUGHT SEVEN // 2:07 am

People on snapchat are also pulling all nighters, it seems I am not alone. Also I keep shaking but I don’t really know how to stop it… Waiting for my wings to grow any minute now.

THOUGHT EIGHT // 2:17 am

I hate myself.

THOUGHT NINE // 2:22 am

I have nearly finished 1 out of 2 essays I had to do tonight. Truly do not recommend leaving work this late.  I needed a break though and also can’t stop shaking so going for a wander round the library. 

Library adventures

THOUGHT TEN // 2:30 am

My New Years resolution of drinking 2 litres is going very well. Admittedly it is half two in the morning and i’ve only just finished my second litre of the day, but i’m still counting it. Am still yet to set foot in the gym. Thats a task for next week. 


I’m annoyed because somehow a whole tube of Pringles has spilled in my bag. It’s very difficult to try and manoeuvre them back into the tube in the silent area of the library. Sometimes I even feel my typing is too loud. 

In actual essay updates, only 100 words to go on the first essay. 


Why on earth is someone on FaceTime in the silent section of library?! Can they not feel the death stares of everyone on them? I do not understand this. Please be quiet. 


FIRST ESSAY IS DONE WOO. I won’t submit it yet, I need to fully read it again, but cant face that right now. 

Now have 13 hours for my next one… urghhhhhh


I’m not strong enough for this next essay. Feeling tired now. I do have another energy drink with me, but i feel it could come in more useful later. urgh. 


Went to the loo to discover it had been deep cleaned. That was nice. This is what my life has become now. Also closing tabs on google is one of the best parts of finishing an essay.


Strongly debating taking a 20 minute nap somewhere.


Wandered round the library again, bumped into my friend who was also wandering round the library. Agreed if we’re both still here we will go for breakfast at 9am. Meanwhile, i’ve moved over to the comfy chairs for a bit of a break. Also can hear some birds tweeting now. That’s when you truly know you’ve messed up.

Abandoned my desk for the comfy chairs, this could be a mistake. 


Starting to panic a bit. 12 hour until my deadline. Haven’t done anything the past hour. How has that gone by so fast?! Might crack open the next energy drink.

THOUGHT 19 // 4:25 am

Guy opposite me is snoring. I’m actually a bit jealous of him.

THOUGHT 20 // 4:53 am

Suddenly got really cold so had to put coat on. These thoughts are getting more and more exciting.

THOUGHT 21 // 5:24 am

I was feeling absolutely crap so decided to go get a coffee and some fresh air. The coffee was absolutely rancid, could only manage half of it, but did enjoy the fresh air. Walked up and down the library steps a few times to burn off some energy. Took a pretty cool photo. I’m going to really get my head down now and get this done.  I just want to go to bed. Cry.

THOUGHT 22 // 6:03 am

Do they make the lights brighter in the library in the morning? I feel the lights have just gotten a lot brighter.

THOUGHT 23 // 6:48 am

The girl sat next to me (the one from thought number 5… who’s really keeping count though) Anyway we both kind of just decided to take a power nap. She has stolen the comfy seats though. I rested my eyes for about twenty minutes using my coat folded up as a pillow, but it wasn’t comfy. Just went to the loo again to wake myself up. Determined to get this done by 12pm.
A lot of people are napping right now. Also, Im so hungry.

THOUGHT 24 // 7:30 am

My alarm just went off. Was very awkward. In the process of trying to switch it off in a hurry, i knocked my phone on the floor, meaning it kept going for a bit longer. Ah. What a lovely morning.

THOUGHT 25 // 9:36 am

Normal people are coming into the library now, which is making me feel even more vile. I really have no motivation for this essay whatsoever at this point. 10/10 do not reccomend all nighters.

THOUGHT 26 // 11:36 am

THOUGHT 27 // 11:52 am

Thought this diagram depicting what sousveillance is was pretty cute.

THOUGHT 28 // 15:45 pm

It’s been a while. In that time though, I managed to get everything done and submit my essay with 15 minutes to spare. Currently my back really hurts, i dont really remember much of my night, and I’m hungry and tired.


I would highly suggest you are never as stupid as I am, and put yourself through this. It sucked. I dont even feel relief that i’ve finished, I just feel a bit empty! heck. The library has broken me.

Anyway, I am sure by this point you all think I’m an idiot, which you would be correct in assuming.  I haven’t even read over these yet so who knows what they’re like.  If you did stick around until the end, bravo to you.

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I’m going to go crawl into bed and listen to Troye Sivans new song on the drive home. Good luck to anyone else who may be pulling an all nighter or going through exams- I dont envy you one bit, but you can do it!

Thanks for reading,

Lauren xxx



  1. Abby Wheeler
    January 12, 2018 / 1:09 am

    I laughed out loud at number 8

    • Lauren Harding
      January 12, 2018 / 6:32 pm

      Hahaha, accurate

  2. Abby Wheeler
    January 12, 2018 / 1:13 am

    I laughed out loud at number 8

  3. Jade Reed
    January 13, 2018 / 12:23 pm

    I recognise that library! I'm graduating next week with an MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature from Sussex and I pulled my fair share of all nighters (read: every single time). Keep at it, you're doing great! http://www.likejade.co.uk/

    • Lauren Harding
      January 14, 2018 / 10:59 am

      Hahah no way! What a small world! Congrats though, and thank you! xx

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