My Second Year of Uni Experience!

Woops, its almost been an entire year since I posted anything on here… my apologies!

I was scrolling through my blog and I came across my blog post about my first year of uni experience, and given that I’ve just gone into my third year of uni (actually already in reading week!), I thought it may be nice to reflect on second year and tell you my experience.

Everyone says second year is a lot more difficult than first year, and for me this was most definitely the case! The workload definitely got harder, but now i’m hoping i’ll be more prepared for my third year.

So I guess a major change in second year is living in an actual house, as opposed to student halls. I actually think I preferred living in a house, it made me feel more like an adult, and we just had a lot more room over all.

We definitely did have some issues with our house over the year, but we did make some great memories  and I even got a new tattoo based on a design from a stained glass window in my bedroom. Below are some pictures!

I posted some photos of my room in an old blog post so if you want to see that then feel free 🙂

I feel like we treated second year as freshers part 2, because we went out so so much more I feel! hahaha. There was one week I think we ended up going out pretty much every single night- it was fun, but I don’t really know how we managed it.

Enjoy some photos from those escapades…

Also though, this year my friend Lillie, who has grown up in Brighton showed me the beauty of this cute little pet shop, where there are loads of cats just roaming around and you can pet them! It’s amazing. The first two photos are from when she first took me there, and then we have been back several times since….

In terms of Jobs, I did a christmas temp job at Marks and Spencer, which was okay, but I just hated being a christmas temp to be honest. But since April I have worked at the surf shop Animal, and its really chilled, and the people are all really nice so that’s been fun.

There are loads more photos on my instagram, curiousginger if you want to see what I get up to at Uni.

In terms of actual Uni, I definitely struggled with motivation and workload this year, but luckily with a few late night sessions at the library managed to get a decent 2:1 to go into third year with. Also discovered I am much more productive in the library. Overall though it was a fun year with many memories made!

Im now nearly halfway through first term of third year, and honestly finding it difficult but hopefully it will all go to plan! I’m also the producer for our main musical theatre production, as I thought it would be good experience to have!


I’m going to go and be productive now….


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