Thoughts on Second Year so far…

Hey strangers,

Its the 1st of October, which means that I have been back In Brighton for a month now, so I thought i’d update you all on what i’ve been up to, and how I’m finding second year so far.

So at the beginning of September, I moved into my student house, and I love my bedroom- it has a great view, and its pretty big! Here are some photos….

On the left is our backgarden, the right is my view from my room, as you can tell these were taken on different days….

So, last year, when I was an actual fresher, I didn’t really make the most out of freshers week, because I was too nervous, didn’t really have loads of friends to go out with, and also I was just being an overall wet wipe, so this year, me and my friends made the group decision that we were going to go out every night, which ended in us all getting the dreaded freshers flu, and we all got pretty tired and cranky, but it was quite funny, and we managed it in the end! Here are a selection of photos… plenty more on my instagram though @curiousginger

Glitter is an essential part of the night as you can see…

Bit of backstory to this photo, I cant express how sweaty the club was, you could barely move, everyone was literally dripping in sweat hence why we all look soaked. Also shortly after this was taken we went and sat on the beach for about an hour talking about life hahaah

Abby did my hair for the pier party and i wore velvet, so thought i was way cooler than i am.


My friend Lillie convinced Abby and myself to join the Ultimate Frisbee society so we’ve been going to training sessions every wednesday, and actually it is a lot more effort than it sounds! Its quite fun though, and they have socials every wednesday at Pryzm, and last weeks theme was a toga party. You can see from my sunburn that I did not wear sun cream to the training in the afternoon… woops

Literally the day after this, my group of friends who I made the freshers pact thing with, were going to a Physics society bar crawl, and Alice wanted me to come along so she wouldn’t be the only girl. I did and actually had such a great night- I wasnt expecting a lot but it was so much fun. We went to 3 pubs, and then ended up in a club… the below photo shows how crazy things got! You can see me and Alice standing on the table, im in a blue shirt…..

It hasnt all been parties, I’m two weeks into Uni now and honestly I’m really enjoying all of my modules so far, they are really interesting and I alway find myself having things to say in Seminars so thats good. Wanted to show you a picture of a home made lasagne I made last week, because I’m proud of it and it tasted insane… obviously doesnt look the best but it tasted good so….

Also, I was feeling particularly nostalgic one evening, and managed to dig out my diary which i’ve been writing in, on and off since 2011! You can literally see how much i’ve changed and its quite interesting to read.

 I also got myself a new laptop cover because my one was getting a bit battered, and I think it looks pretty cool….

My first month in Brighton has been amazing, I’m so happy with everything, my classes, the people i’m living with, my group of friends, I could not be happier at the moment. I think back to how upset I was this time last year, and honestly i’m a different person completely now its insane.

I’ve also done some damage makeup wise thanks to my student loan, so I’ll post some more beauty related posts in the near future, but thats all I can think of for now! 

See you soon x

Lauren 🙂 


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