Beauty Haul + Mini Review| Kat Von D, Urban Decay, MAC


So it is currently a Sunday evening, I’m supposed to be doing my reading for my seminars tomorrow but instead I’m writing this, so at least we’ve all established I have my priorities straight… 

Anyway, last week, I was feeling a “treat yo self” moment (Thanks parks and rec) and I may have got a little carried away, and when I say a little, I spent far too much money, but sshhh….

I’ve been using all three of these products for the past few days so I thought i’d tell you my thoughts so far. 

So firstly now that Kat Von D is in the UK on the Debenhams website, I finally got my hands on the Shade and Light contour kit and I’m honestly in love. The powders are all really pigmented and finely milled, they’re so easy to use, they last for ages, and you get instructions on how to contour as well. It was pricey at £36 but I think i’ll use it every day, and the colours I cant use for my complexion, I can use as eyeshadows, so win win really. 

I love MAC Paintpots, and I already have Bare Study and Painterly, which are very nude, natural colours so I wanted to pick up a bronzy one, so when I’m in a rush for uni, I can still look like i’ve put in a little bit of effort. I chose the shade Indianwood, and I really love it. I saw Shaanxo use it in her no brushes makeup challenge and thought it looked pretty, and it really is! I feel it makes the green of my eyes stand out as well, so I really enjoy using it. I think it was around £14-£15.

I had a £5 off voucher for Debenhams, because I used click and collect for the contour palette and eyeshadow, and I had seen loads of good things about the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, so I thought I’d give it a go. I just want to say the woman who served me on the Urban Decay counter in Debenhams was so lovely, and not pushy at all and she matched me perfectly!  (I’m shade 1.5) I had heard reviews that it Oxidises quite a lot, but i haven’t found this to be an issue as I always blend foundation down my neck anyway.

I LOVE THIS. Hands down the best foundation i’ve ever used! It is so full coverage, but really easy to apply, and it doesn’t smell bad. It really does last for ages on the skin as well, and apparently it is waterproof, which I have yet to test, but for rainy autumn days thats got to be another plus. I would highly recommend this foundation, especially if you have combination/oily skin like me.

Swatch of Indianwood paint pot, and Kat Von D Contour Kit.

So my bank balance may be wanting to kill me, but I’m very happy with all these purchases, and I would recommend them to any of you! I hope you enjoyed this post, I guess I should attempt my work for uni now….

Love, Lauren xx


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