My First Year of Uni Experience + Tips for Freshers

Hello again,

This post is super super long, but had a lot to discuss!

As promised in my last post, I said I would dedicate a whole post to my first year of uni experience, so voila! Here it is…  Also, I thought I would throw some advice in at the end in case any of you reading are going to uni in September. Also this post will be quite picture heavy, so hope you don’t mind. We have a lot to go through so lets get started…

So I briefly mentioned this in my previous post, but I go to the University of Sussex and I study BA Media and Communications. My reasoning for choosing this Uni was because its in Brighton and thats my favourite place ever, but also because I knew that I wanted to study something to do with media, but I knew from studying it at A Level that I was much better at the writing aspect, rather than the creative part, and I enjoyed the theory side a lot more, which is basically what my course is, and not many Uni’s do this course, so it seemed like the perfect choice. I’m not going to go into specific details about my course because it’s probably really boring to most people, but if you are interested then please leave a comment, or tweet me and I’ll be happy to go into more detail!

First Term: 

So, I’ll be honest this was the hardest term, but I think it is for most people. I’ll start of by saying that in the summer I applied for the halls I wanted, and a few weeks before actually moving to Uni, i found out I had gotten into the one I wanted most which I am really thankful for, as they were really nice, and had en-suite bathrooms, which for me personally was a big deal. I had found a few of my flatmates on Facebook and we started to talk a bit, but I was still very very nervous and had no idea what to expect.

I only cried when I said goodbye to smokey hahaha, typical, but anyways, moved all my stuff in, met my flatmates and they all seemed nice, I remember particularly getting on well with Abby, and on the first night we made dinner (Chicken Korma) I don’t want to go into like detailed specifics because we would be here for ages so lets move onto freshers week.

So at the time, I didn’t really drink, I never was interested in drinking, and I’ll be honest all I really wanted to do was go over to my ex boyfriends flat and spend time with his flatmates etc etc, (big mistake) but anyway, I went to a few of the freshers events but to be honest most of the week was just spent getting to know everyone, having loads of parties, get used to saying things like “i study ….. i’m from… oh you’ve never heard of it? neither have most people..” over and over again, but its fine. Everyone is in the same boat as you, so if you’re super super nervous, just remember that! Also, apart from Abby, I don’t think I still talk to anyone I met in freshers week, so it really isn’t the end of the world if you don’t make that many friends straight away. I’ll post a few pics from freshers but I look vile, and as I said, i spent most my time with my ex.

So just after freshers week, was when my ex broke up with me, and truthfully it was a bit of a crappy time for me. I went back home for a bit, to be honest all I wanted to do was quit uni, transfer to a different one next year, and be done with it, but thanks to my friends, like Abby, etc I realised I shouldn’t do that because I loved this Uni, and honestly I look back and i’m so glad I stayed. After these first few weeks and when lectures started, I felt more normal, and it felt good to have a routine so that was good. 

In terms of lectures and seminars, I enjoyed them, I found them interesting and engaging, and the only main difference really to A Level i think is that instead of getting homework, you get pre work, so you have to have things done before you go to the lessons/lectures. You obviously have essays and assignments to do as well, but in terms of the work load, I found it to be quite manageable. 

I became great friends with Abby, we still are to be honest, and honestly she helped so much in my first term, so abby if you’re reading, thanks babe 😉 xx

Abby put this on my door when i came back to Uni after going home for a while, what a cutie.

Anyyyyywaaay, I made loads of great friends that I’m still friends with now in this term. I’ll finish this off by some photos I took in the first term, otherwise I will be here all day. 

Just a few pics… most of these were taken on netball socials (hence dressed up) or on nights out but we’ll move on….

Second Term: 

This was probably my favourite term. I felt a lot happier, had made some fab friends, and I was just excited about coming back to uni. I remember going out for cocktails in the first week back with my old school friend, Alice, and her flat mate, Eddie, and they were very nice indeed. 

(cant figure out how to change the image round, and to think i do media! pfft!)

This term we all just partied so much, way more than first term, and I think its mainly because we all had more friends now so it was easier, but also just because we knew Brighton a bit better so wanted to explore it and try out different places. 

Definitely discovered the cocktail bars in second term! And of course the 24/7 Burger King too…

In terms of Uni work, I started on different modules and they were fine, although I do think I preferred my first term lectures/seminars, but hey, wasn’t much I could do. I also had to choose who I was living with for second year and try and find a house- which we luckily did fairly easily and I could not be more excited for second year! Roll on September! 

I also got myself a job at H Samuels as I wanted some extra money really. It was alright, It wasnt the worst job in the world but yeah!

I think really, for me, the best part of second term was just feeling happier, I didnt feel sorry for myself anymore, I tried to go out and meet up with people as much as I could, I made friends, and honestly it was just a lot of fun. As was third term too. Here are some photos from second term, as honestly I dont know what else to say about it! 

Final Term

So, again really my last term was a lot of fun as well. I really really enjoy Uni, and the whole uni life thing, I mentioned earlier how I never used to drink, and obviously from these photos, you can see i drink now, quite a bit. I never felt pressured to start drinking or anything like that, but it just was easier to drink at uni, and also I feel a lot safer in Brighton then i do back where I live, which may sound odd, but its true! 

Anyway, so I still had my job this term, but I was starting to get a bit bored of it, and also final deadlines were creeping up on me and I found I was needing more time to get the work done, so I decided to quit my job, before getting behind on my work, because at the end of the day, thats why I am at Uni.

Lots of partying/exploring Brighton went on again this term… no shame! This term was a bit more intense in terms of actual Uni work, so not as much as second term, but still probably more than the average person… woopsy hahaaha.

At the start of second term, me and my friend Alice had decided to sign up for the Brighton 10k run, as our friend was doing the marathon, he suggested we try this one, and we both wanted to get fit and give it a go so we did. I can be the first to admit that we did not train at all. fail. We went on about 3 runs I would say! Professionals… Anyway on the 17th April was our race day, but honestly even though I nearly died *I wish i could say i was exaggerating, but i’m really not* We finished our 10k in 1hr 24 mins, and considering we hadn’t done any training whatsoever, I was pretty chuffed with this!

Got VERY sunburnt hahahaha

It was also my Birthday this term, and i had the BEST time ever, I honestly had so much fun, and I was quite worried about it, obviously first birthday away from home and all, but i really really enjoyed myself, probably a bit too much 😉 

I feel this post is getting way too long, so as third term has just finished, loads of pictures are on my instagram (curiousginger) so feel free to go have a stalk!

I got my results back today and I got 64% so a 2:1 which I am super happy about, so roll on next year! 

I think the highlights of this year have definitely been meeting my best friend, Abby, it honestly feels like we’ve known each other for years! Can’t imagine her not in my life now! #soppy

And also just all the people i’ve met, and i do think Uni has changed me, but definitely for the better! I’m loving it so much, its difficult to believe I’m a second year now! 

So to finish some tips I would give for any freshers:

  1. Bring distinguishable cutlery and not just plain silver because people will steal it, and you’ll forget whats yours! 
  2. Save up some money before you come because your student loan will not come in instantly, and if you want to go out during freshers, its nice to have some money!
  3. Try to push yourself out your comfort zone, if you’re not confident, pretend you are for a night and see how things go!

I could probably write a whole post on tips, but I won’t because I’ve been writing this post for literally two hours now, and I think my hands are going to fall off.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and if you do have any questions feel free to leave a comment, or if you’d rather tweet me, its @ginger_sn4p 

if you’ve made it to the end, congratulations! hahahaa

Lauren xx


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