Life Update | July 2016

Hey there,

*It’s a bit of long’un, just warning you!*

So you may notice that every few months I’ll pop up with a new blog post saying how sorry I am that I haven’t been posting much, but that’s all going to change blah blah blah-  you know the drill. All I’m going to say is that, yes, I can admit, I have been a bit of a failure with the whole blogging spiel recently- for the past few years to be honest. *slaps self on wrist.*

The other day I had a phone interview for a social media role and the woman asked me if I had a blog or some online portfolio that she could read through and my immediate thought was this blog. But then I realised I hadn’t updated it in months, and I couldn’t remember how professional it was at all, so I decided to come back on here and read some of my old posts, and honestly, they aren’t as terrible as I had imagined them to be, and I spent hours just reading through them all, and it was nice to remember that time in my life.

Anyway, the whole point of this ramble, was that I really miss blogging. Obviously I don’t have the worlds most popular blog in the world, and I don’t have that many followers, but honestly thats not why I enjoy it, (don’t get me wrong, I love it when you guys comment on my posts and interact with me!) I just missed the whole experience.

When I started this blog I was 15 years old, hadn’t even finished my GCSE’s, and this was honestly just my hobby. In 2010/2011 I even had my own YouTube channel, and I managed to get 100 subscribers and it honestly made me so happy, but soon enough some boys at school found it and teased me about it and so I deleted them all and stopped it, which looking back I really really regret now. I still always find myself thinking things like “ooh i could review this on my blog” or “I should really keep these empty containers of products for an empties post” anyway the point is, I want to blog again, properly, set aside time of my week to dedicate to my blog, because I really do enjoy it.

In a way this is kind of a new beginning to my blog, so I thought I would update you all on my current life situation, as I did when I first started my blog! (See here if you’re interested!) In that post I gave you 10 points about myself, so to keep myself from rambling (As if I haven’t done that enough!) I’ll do the same now. So…

1. I suppose the biggest life update is that I no longer technically live at home. I go to the University of Sussex, and I study Media and Communications, so I live in Brighton, and honestly I love it so much! I love everything about Brighton and I could not be happier living there! I passed my first year, and moved out of halls, and I’m currently waiting to move into our new house in September. I might do a whole post on this though, because I know I’ll want to look back on it!

2. I can drive! And my nan recently surprised me when I came home from Uni by buying me my first car, which I am ever so grateful for! I have been able to drive for about a year, so now I have a finally car it feels gooooood! (Considering it took me over a year to learn… woops) Also, my car is called Sally, because I’m that person who names their car! #noshame 

3. Bit of a personal one, but looking through my blog I found old posts like “The Boyfriend Tag” and also the post I did for my 18th Birthday, but I have removed them as I am no longer with my ex boyfriend anymore, so felt a bit inappropriate to have them still on my blog, and also to be honest with you they were just cringey as hell! Thought i’d throw that in here in case anyone wondered (not that anyone probably will, but hey!) 

4. I’m actually running out of things to say about myself! I still have my cat, Smokey, and he’s still very special to me, obviously! 

5. To be honest, I have no clue what I want to do in the future anymore. In my first blog post I said that I’d love to work for a beauty/fashion magazine, and I still would I suppose, but I would also like to work in Social media, or PR. If all else fails, then I would absolutely love to train to be a Makeup Artist for TV/Film. 

Turns out, I can’t think of ten points interesting enough to tell people so 5 will do! I’ll leave this  post with a few photos, and just by saying I honestly do want to get into blogging again, so this time when I say expect new posts soon, you can! I have a few planned already, and I’m just going to be posting anything/everything I want to write about to be honest! If you fancy a trip down memory lane, I haven’t deleted the majority of my old posts, so just apologies in advance for the cringe factor! 

First day vs moving out of halls, sad times! (I’ll do a first year uni experience post in the near future)

Anyway, thats enough of me today, consider this post a fresh start! Lets hope you hear from me soon!

Lauren xx



  1. Thripti Aravind
    July 7, 2016 / 12:45 pm

    Welcome back !

    • Lauren Harding
      July 7, 2016 / 12:52 pm

      Thank you! 😀

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