Week on Instagram | Week 2

Happy Sunday! Hope you’ve had a nice day whatever you’ve been doing- I have just been chilling all day so nothing interesting! Anyway, I instagrammed a lot this week, so here is my round up (minus some smokey pictures because I always instagram him)

From top to bottom, left to right:

1. Dad and Jemma came to see me on Saturday and we explored brighton in the rain, and went for all you can eat chinese! It was a fun day!

2. Brighton in the rain

3. Me chilling with my prime nap blanket. If you’re interested its from Gabby (velvet ghost) range at primark and its honestly the softest thing ever!

4. #prayforparis devastating news this friday, cant believe the world sometimes. 

5. I had a yummy meal out, my flatmates dad came to visit and took us out for dinner- it was very nice and we even shared a bottle of wine- yum!

6. I dressed up as a leapord for a night out this week! I’ll have a post on this makeup soon so if you ever need to dress up as a leapord, ill have you covered! ahah

7. Treated myself to some new Vans, they were half price in the sale though!!

8. My MAC lipstick collection, I did a blog post about that if you’re interested!

9. My last night back at home last weekend, I went on the hill and watched some fireworks.

10. Brighton Pavillion Ice Rink looks so cute at night!

If you were interested in the smokey pictures I missed out, go and follow my Instagram @curiousginger xxx

Have a great week. 

Lauren x


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