Week on Instagram | week 1

I thought that every Sunday I would do one of these posts, a collage of my Instagrams for the week, as now Im at university, I post a lot more on Instagram, and also it will be nice to look back on!

I’ll go from left to right. 

1- I came home for the weekend, and so this is a selfie of my family in the queue at drive thru McDonalds… woops!

2. Being re-united with Smokey!!

3. Last weekend my roommate came back after visiting her family for the week, so I put these sticky notes on her door!

4. I did winged eyeliner and red lipstick during the day, so i felt like I should take a selfie

5. This is an outfit I wore shopping in the week, and I think its very autumny! 

6. When i was home for the weekend, I had some milkshakes in a tea room and they looked very instagram…

7. my feet and some leaves. much autumn. very original.

8. Me and my sister at a fireworks display this weekend!

if you want to follow me on instagram, my user name is @curiousginger 

Have a nice week:)

Lauren xx


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