My Halloween Outfit and Makeup! | 2015

Hello again!

So, although Halloween has been and gone, I just wanted to post my outfit and makeup on here as it was really fun for me to do, and also I want to look back on it and remember!

So, i decided to go as dead minnie mouse ( I was going to go as a cat, as i am crazy cat lady, but i felt like i would be considered too basic so i went as minnie mouse instead…)


Cardigan/jacket: DebenhamsT

Top: BooHoo

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Everything 5 Pounds

Minnie mouse ears from paris! 

Please enjoy the cringey selfies 😉 

So with my outfit, it was a last minute party, and I didnt want to go out and buy an outfit because money, and also- i wasnt that bothered!! So I thought as I had the minnie mouse ears in my room that I would just wear red and black and i think it worked out ok?!

In terms of my hair and makeup,  basically what I did was crimped my hair, with the Babyliss waving tool, and backcombed it a bit. I really enjoyed my makeup, because I love getting creative and taking my time on it, so it was pretty fun to create.

I started off by doing my typical ‘night out’ makeup- a bit of a smokey eyeshadow look, winged eyeliner, lots of mascara and red lips. Then I used liquid eyeliner to draw a nose on myself, for the minnie mouse part! If you didnt want to look scary you could just leave it there! But i wanted to look like I had put a little bit of effort in!

I bought myself some fake blood, and used it to create some tears coming from my eyes, and i also blended in lots of black eyeshadow under my eyes to make me look more dead… 

Then i used liquid eyeliner to draw some stitches on my cheek, and i just blended some brown and black eyeliner around that to make it look semi-realistic! Then i used some of the fake blood on a sponge and dabbed it around the corners of my mouth, mainly because i wanted to use more of the fake blood! hahaha!

So yeah- that was my halloween outfit! I had a good time this year, and Im already thinking about potential outfits for next year- halloween at uni is taken very seriously! haha!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Lauren xx


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