Leapord Face Makeup

So last week, for one of my nights out the theme was Zoo Animals, and I didnt really fancy wearing anything zoo animal like (also i dont really own any zoo animal like clothing!) so i thought i’d be creative with my makeup instead, and this is what I came up with!

So this is what I created/recreated! (I looked at so many different tutorials on youtube for inspiration! Shaanxo’s was particularly good if you’re interested!) 

Anyway, so I did my face makeup as usual, and I did my eyebrows a little darker than I usually would, as I wanted them to stand out. Then I put sellotape on the corners of my eyes, to give my eyeshadow a really sharp edge, and I took a light brown and blended it through my crease.

Then I took a shimmery darker brown shade and put it on my eyelids. I Was going to leave the eyeshadow like that but I felt like it was a bit too dark, so I added some gold eyeshadow onto the middle of my eyelids. I created this look using the original Naked Palette, but you could use any brown/gold shadows and they would work fine!

I did a dramatic winged eyeliner, and I extended it past the inner corners of my eyes to make them look more feline- which was actually very difficult! I had to redo it several times so dont worry if you dont get it first try! 

I added lots and lots of bronzer, to make my face look a lot more bronzed,  and After adding mascara, and peeling off the sellotape,  I took the same brown eyeshadow that I used in my crease and created random splodges of colour on my cheeks and temples. I then outlined them using random brush strokes with a liquid eyeliner. 

I drew on and filled in a little black nose, and added some holes where the whiskers would be on a leapord, I also drew a black line from my cupids bow to my lips to connect everything together. I outlined my lips with liquid eyeliner, and I smudged some black eyeshadow on the top, to set it in place. I applied some pink lipstick on the centre of my lips and that was my look done!! 

I decided to wear all black, and curl my hair and that was the look! 

My roommate dressed as a bee! hahaha not very zoo animal but we justified it as in the summer the bees hang around the bins… so it counted! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Let me know what you think:)

Lauren xx


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