A lot has happened…


So long time no talk- i should really just stop writing that as i seem to be writing it on every blog post!! Anyway, a lot has happened since we last spoke…

Probably the most noticeable one is that I’m at University now, I know, how did that happen? But yeah, I no longer live at home, I live in Brighton, which i’m loving! A lot has changed but I’m excited about the future 🙂

So, i’m studying Media and Communications and  I’ve been at uni for 2 months now. Already I can say that it definitely changes you, and you have to learn to deal with a lot of new things, but overall I am enjoying it!

I’ve met some really nice people, and im enjoying my course so its all good! I will post some pictures in my next post, but I just wanted to type this one quickly,(actually im procrastinating, i need to do some work!) but I will be posting more on here, as i think i will want to look back over these years.

See you soon
Lauren x


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