The Most Incredible Trip of My Life | Italy 2014


Firstly sorry for the lack of posts, and also i decided not to do a June Favourites as I didn’t really try out anything new! Anyway…

In June, I went on a trip to the Bay of Naples with my Classical Civilisation class, and I can honestly say it was one of the most incredible trips of my life, and I will never forget it. In this post I’m just going to post a few pictures and explain what I did each day, so this time next year when I have finished college (eek) I can look back and remember what an awesome time I had. You have been warned. There will be a lot of pictures!

Friday 20th June

I dont have any interesting pictures, because this day consisted of travelling from college to Gatwick, and then waiting around for hours to get our plane, and by the time we got to Italy it was pitch black!

Saturday 21st June

This was one of my favourite days. We went to Pompeii, which was incredible and I’m so incredibly lucky to have seen such an amazing place in my lifetime. After Pompeii we went swimming, and in the evening we went to Sorrento’s street market and me and my friend got ice cream and wandered around chatting until we eventually brought a can of fanta lemon and retreated back to our room!

a view of mount vesuvius and pompeii

The bodies were fascinating.

my first italian pizza!

Some snaps from our evening in Sorrento!

Sunday 22nd June

On this day we drove on a beautiful road with breathtaking views to a little italian village called Amalfi, which was stunning! Me and Bronwyn had two ice creams within the space of an hour… I have no regrets. Then we drove for what seemed like forever to a town called Paestum, which has some of the best greek temples in the world, which were amazing to see. I also remember having an amazing pizza! 

The views from the drive to Amalfi

The best Ice cream I have ever had, it was creme caramel flavoured!

The second ice cream we had in an hour, I have no regrets, Amalfi had good ice cream!

The best pizza I had in Italy. 

The temples in Paestum were amazing, not to mention how huge they were!

Monday 23rd June

We went to Herculaneum on this day, which was another famous town affected by the eruption. It was very interesting, although I have to admit I prefered Pompeii, however lots of people seemed to find Herculaneum more interesting as second floors to houses had been preserved, which was amazing. After this we went and swam in the pool, and then about 11 of us went out for a meal where I had the best Spaghetti Bolognese everrrrrrr.

cheeky selfies

the first of many cat selfies. this one had fleas so I kept my distance!


Tuesday 24th June

We got a boat to the island of Capri which was very beautiful yet very expensive! I got a lemon slushie for 5 euros! it was a good lemon slushie but that is not the point! Anyway, we hiked to find Tiberius’ villa which had amazing views, and in the evening me and my friend went swimming, and we also got pizza and ice cream for one last time! 

Views from the boat to Capri

This was my favourite cat I saw!

The views from Tiberius’ villa.

Dinner date… sort of!

Wednesday 25th June

This day was our last day in italy, and in the morning we climbed the volcano, Vesuvius, and in the evening we got our flight back home, although it was delayed by 2 and a half hours!!!!

Overall I had such an incredible trip, and if you are interested in history- or just like hot weather- I highly reccomend Italy.

Tomorrow at 3am I am going to Tunisia with my family which I am so excited about, but there will be a lack of blog posts next week, but I am on my summer holidays now! Expect to see more lifestyle posts during summer! 

Hope you enjoyed my holiday snaps!


Lauren xx


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