First Impressions // Samy Fat Hair “O” Calories Amplifying Creme


In my recent Haul I showed you this, and said I would be doing a First Impressions post on it, so here it is!

Let’s get the facts out of the way first:

This bottle has 155ml of product in it, and I purchased this tube at Superdrug on sale for £2.97, it was originally £5.99 (at the end of this post, I will have links to different places to buy) I got this because it intrigued me, and I wanted to try something new. Here are the details from the back of the bottle.

“This ultra lightweight Amplifying Creme adds incredible fullness, volume and body, while adding texture and shine to your style. FAT Hair’s exclusive blend of natural proteins and extract, nourishes each hair strand, resulting in longer, luxurious and healthier looking hair.”

This product is claiming to do a lot, so here are my initial thoughts. When I dispensed the product into my hand, the first thing I noticed was its consistency, it seemed very creamy and thick.

I rubbed my hands together and distributed it through my towel dried hair from root to tip, I usually avoid my roots when using styling products, but as this was promising volume, it would be silly to miss them. After this I blow dried my hair- I don’t do it any fancy way, I just roughly dried it. I always blow dry my hair upside down, which is a good tip if you are looking for more volume!

The scent of this product is quite difficult to describe. It’s quite fruity with a little bit of sourness to it, but it smells good, and I found it didn’t linger in my hair.

I found this definitely gave my hair more texture and shine, and it added a little volume, but nothing spectacular. I would say this could work nicely with people who have fine hair, but my hair is quite long, and heavy so perhaps that’s why.

Overall, I would say try this product if you are looking for something new, I don’t think this is a  must have, but if you are looking for more texture, volume, and shine without your hair looking like a greaseball, this works nicely.

Here are some places where you can buy this product if you are interested.


I hope you liked this post, and let me know if there are any products which you would like to see a first impressions on!

Lauren xx


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