25 Things I Want To Do This Summer // 2014

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t done a blog post this week, I have been settling in at college again, and also planning for my trip to Italy next week!

Anyway, this evening Alfie (PointlessBlog) uploaded a video (watch here) about 25 things he wanted to do in Summer, and I thought this was a really cool idea, so I wanted to do it. I am going to write these down, and at the end of summer, do a blog post with lots of pictures, to see how many I actually managed to achieve!

1.  Have a BBQ on the beach with all my friends.

2. Go stargazing late at night, with loads of snacks and a blanket:)

3. Go to a huge waterpark with everyone.

4. Print out more photos, to complete the photo wall in my room.

5.Go on a day trip somewhere with Liam, like Brighton or London.

6. Have a late night bonfire, with marshmallows and just have fun with all my friends.

7. Go to the zoo!

8. Bake more cupcakes, and start a recipe book with my favourite ones.

9. Go on a proper picnic.

10. Try to exercise more. I’m going to need a miracle!

11. Clean out all of my clothes, and throw away things I never wear.

12. Pass my driving theory test.

13. Go to the beach!

14. Make a huge summer playlist, which when I listen back on will remind me of summer.

15. Eat more healthily.

16. Start Saving more money!!!!

17. Write my personal statement for University.

18. Go for a late night walk somewhere pretty with Liam.

19. Try something new!

20. See friends that I usually don’t meet up with a lot.

21. Maybe go camping with all my friends.

22. Go to Thorpe Park with everyone, or just go to Thorpe Park!!

23. Go Paintballing, or doing laser tag with friends.

24. Go for long bike rides!

25. Wear what I want, and not get self conscious!

So, some of those have been taken from Alfie’s video, and some of them might not seem like a huge deal, but I think it will be fun:)

Leave me a comment with what you want to do this summer!!

Expect more posts soon!

Love from Lauren xx


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