So… This happened… (Helix Diary)

So this weekend, I got my Helix (top bit of your ear) pierced!

I have wanted it for a while (like 2-3 years!) and I have just never plucked up the courage to get it done, but I had been researching it for ages, and thought you know what? I’m just going to do it. 

I got it done with a needle as I read many bad things about piercing guns, and didn’t want to take the risk of ruining my cartilage.  I didn’t really feel nervous about the pain as people were saying it didn’t hurt much, but In real life when I asked people they said “OH MY GOD IT HURTS SO MUCH” so I didn’t really know what to expect.

I have inserted a video of me getting it pierced to show you my reaction to it! I found that it didn’t hurt me at all, and it was over so quick you didn’t really have a chance to feel it! Anyway, excuse the poor quality and my gross hair, and I act stupidly awkward but watch the video 🙂 (btw there is no gory bits so dont worry!) 

As you can see it didn’t seem to phase me at all, which I was surprised at! The lady doing it was really nice, and I thought I was going to be really intimidated but I wasn’t! The place that I went to were having a ‘Buy one piercing, get one free’ offer but I didn’t really want another piercing so they gave me a free cleaning spray instead.  

I was told to clean it morning and night, and to try not to touch it. If I do want to touch it, I have to wash my hands first, because I wouldn’t want bacteria to get into it, and risk getting an infection…

*excuse my gross hair*

Out of 5, I’d probably say it was 1.5/5 It felt hot, but she used freezing spray so I really didn’t feel it at all! If you are thinking about getting it done, and have any questions, feel free to leave them below! 

I thought I would do a ‘Helix Diary’ which I will keep coming back to, in case over time I have any problems or something. If you are interested, then keep checking back at this post as I will try to update it, if something interesting happens! 

Day 1 19.10.2013

I got my helix pierced today! It wasn’t as painful as I thought, but you probably know that by now haha! Straight after I left the shop, it just felt really hot, but nothing too extreme! I would reccomend eating before you get it done, because I have heard that you might pass out if you don’t! Probably not worth the risk. A couple of hours later, I was out eating dinner with my friends, and It still felt hot, but it also hurt a little. Not drastically, it was more of an ache, but again, it was nothing too bad. I cleaned it before bed and I think sleeping could be a challenge as I don’t want to sleep on it but I’ll update that tomorrow morning!

Day 2 20.10.2013

I woke up, and it hurt a little but I suppose that was as I had been asleep and might have knocked it without me knowing. I cleaned it, and that seemed to help. Sleeping wasn’t as bad as I thought but everytime I rolled over onto my left side, I could feel an achey sort of pain so I mainly stayed on my right side! It doesn’t feel hot any more, and I know it is there, as it aches a bit but again, nothing too drastic. I have to be careful when I’m putting my hair up, or brushing it as I don’t want to catch it! Yikes that would hurt!

Day 4 22.10.2013

Today I woke up, and when I cleaned my piercing a bit of blood came off on the cotton wool, and throughout the day today it has been a bit sore. I must’ve bumped it in the night! Oops:/ 


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