NOTD China Glaze FrostBite + Holiday Snaps!


I haven’t blogged in AGESSSSS!! Partly because I was busy sorting out finding a job, but mainly because I have been enjoying the sunshine with my friends and last week I went to spain 😀

We stayed in a city called Torrevieja, near Alicante and it was really nice! The weather was boiling and the beaches were gorgeous! We also went to Benidorm, Cartagena and many other places! I really enjoyed it, and even got a cheeky tan 😀 Ginger success!

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you some pictures, but first lets talk about my nails! Whilst in Spain, we went to this brand new shopping centre called Zenia Boulevard and it was amazing! Because it gets really hot in spain, the shop signs occasionally spray really fine mist at you to keep you cool. Also it’s open untill really late. Anyway I got this nail varnish when I was there for 6,47 (Euros) and I love it.

It’s a lovely royal blue colour (Speaking of royal blue, Congrats to William & Kate 😀 ) anyway, it has a really nice shimmer running throughout. It’s my first purchase from China Glaze, and I’d happily get another one. I like the quality, and to get full opacity it took 2 coats, but really you could get away with one. 

So yeah! Now  I’ll show you some holiday snaps:D 

On the first day, I went up to the roof to sunbathe. (It was 35 degrees c, I couldn’t not!) My top is under my feet because it was actually burning! Safe to say I went to the pool after!

This was in Cartagena and everyone was taking pictures with their other half, so me being the singleton, took a picture with him;)  ( He doesn’t really look that impressed about it though…)I tried to wrap my hands round him but he was too hot so yeah! haha;) 

Again, In Cartagena.

We went on a boat tour of Cartagena and I took this picture of the water because it looked so pretty! Nothing like the gross sea in the UK….

My sister and her boyfriend on a bus in Cartagena. This tour was pretty interesting as I got smacked in the face by a palm tree! But it’s okay because we got free headphones 😀

 We took a lot, ALOT of stupid selfies on this trip. Mostly on my sisters phone, but yup. We are so attractive… 

 On this particular beach, you could buy slices of watermelon and pineapple, so OBIVOUSLY you take a picture of it…. haha!

I got a tad carried away..

Fanta Lemon was my drink of choice on this holiday, but this was definitely the coolest one! I felt so posh drinking from this! 

I could post a lot more so if you’re interested maybe I will, but yeah! I will be blogging a lot more now so look forward to that! Also I have Animal Crossing New Leaf now 😀 YAYAYA.

Gracias for reading 😀 


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