What’s In My Clutch Bag? | Prom Edition!

Hey guys!

Last Tuesday, I had my prom and I thought i’d show you what I took with me in my clutch bag. (Expect a FOTD prom post which will have pictures 🙂 coming shortly!)

I couldn’t take that much with me as my bag was quite small, but here’s what I took! 

Rollasole Rollable Shoes 

I originally took these as I thought if I was going to be dancing my feet would start to hurt, however i’m so glad I took these as my heel snapped! I was a bit annoyed but I had these so luckily I was okay 😀 

They don’t look the nicest on your feet, but if your feet are killing you, I don’t think you’ll care that much! 

Phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace) 

This is pretty self explanatory but I bought my phone with me 🙂


I actually didn’t take my camera in its case (which is pictured) however I’m using it to take this photo so I wanted to show you that it was there! I got loads of pictures and I’m planning a FOTD Prom edition where I’ll share some of my fav’s.


This came in very useful for me for touching up on lipgloss, or just checking my makeup if I didn’t feel like going to the toilets. Everyone else kept asking to use it too! 🙂

Chewing Gum

I took some gum with me for after our meal, just to freshen up a bit.

Benefit Lipgloss in Foxy Lady

This was my lipgloss of choice for the evening so I bought it with me, so I could top up throughout the night.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Lastly, I bought my concealer as everyone wants to look good at prom! This came in so useful!

So that’s everything I took with me to prom, (Minus my prom ticket, and £10) I hope you enjoyed this post, and look out for the FOTD post coming soon! 😀


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