Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Review/Collection


I have been blogging a lot more recently because I only have ONE MORE EXAM LEFT!! woo.

Anyway I thought I would do a review on the infamous Lip Butters by Revlon. Over the months, I have collected four shades which I don’t think is too bad if I’m honest.

The shades I own are, Juicy Papaya, Tutti Frutti, Wild Watermelon, and Berry Smoothie. It has just occurred to me that all of these shades have something to do with fruit in their names…

If you have been following my blog for a while, you may have heard me talk about these before. Here are some swatches for you. (I actually managed to take a decent picture!!) 

When these first came out in the USA, all the US bloggers and YouTubers were raving about them! These bad boys were everywhere! I remember watching the TV one day and the advert with Emma Stone came on and I was so excited! Naturally, I went to Boots the next day to pick one up. 

I really am a fan of these LipButters, because quite frankly I don’t really feel confident wearing lipstick. I really like how these are colourful, but they are like a tinted lipbalm. They are really easy to work with because of this, but also they still provide colour.

Excuse the stupid smile and crappy photos 😛

Here you can see roughly what the shades look like on my lips. 🙂

Juicy Papaya is my everyday shade. I really like it because it’s subtle enough for everyday use, but it’s also just a really nice colour. It’s a sheer orangey pink colour which I find to be really flattering on me. Its the sheerest shade of these I own, but thats what I like about it.

Tutti Frutti was actually the first shade I bought. It’s a bright orange colour that I love to wear in summer, or on nights out. Even though it looks quite scary when swatched, it looks really nice on the lips and you can make it subtle, or you can choose to build it up for a really high impact colour. 

Wild Watermelon is a bright red/coral shade. This is a recent purchase so I haven’t had much chance to wear it out yet. It looks really flattering on the lips though, and you can wear it quite sheerly, but you can really build this up. ALOT. I think this shade would be good if you are looking to ‘dip your toes’ into red lips as it isn’t too dramatic.

Berry Smoothie is quite hard to describe. I guess you could say its a pinky brownish colour. Some people won’t like this shade, but for me its really nice. I have really opaque lips so I find some shades don’t work for me. I like wearing this in evenings because it pulls any look together perfectly. One thing I should mention about this shade though, is although I have not photographed it well, this is the shade with the most glitter particles in. Its not too much though.

So there is my review/collection of Lip Butters. I don’t know what shade to purchase next as I’m not a fan of bright pink lips. (Strawberry Shortcake wouldn’t suit me) 

Hope you’re having a good day!!

Do you have any Lip Butters? What’s your opinion?



  1. Kirsty Pearson
    June 12, 2013 / 8:21 pm

    I love the lip butters, Wild Watermelon is my favourite colour x

    • Lauren Harding
      June 13, 2013 / 2:33 pm

      I do too 🙂 and yes it's really nice isn't it 🙂 xx

  2. Lisa Jay
    June 12, 2013 / 10:29 pm

    I've had Wild Watermelon on my wishlist for a while now and I'm starting to want Juicy Papaya too!

    • Lauren Harding
      June 13, 2013 / 2:33 pm

      They're both such gorgeous colours! x

  3. Hannah Wood
    June 16, 2013 / 2:02 pm

    these are all gorgeous colours i love your blog! xx

    • Lauren Harding
      June 16, 2013 / 5:04 pm

      I know, I love them all! And thank you very much 🙂 xx

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