The Sunday Post #3

Hey Guys!

I haven’t done a Sunday Post in ages, so I thought as I have a spare half an hour, I’d sit down and type one up for you guys! 🙂

So, If any of you live in England then you may be aware it is currently ‘Summer Exam Season’ I have 13 GCSE Exams to complete, but last week I did 4 of them (2 French, Biology and Dance) so I guess that’s Ok. I think I did okay in them, but I am dreading  this week where I have Chemistry tomorrow, 2 German on Wednesday, and Physics and English on Thursday…. omg.

I suppose a positive to that is next Friday, I get to go on Study Leave which is good. I only have 4 exams after that, and 3 of them are maths (eurgh) so if you are wondering why there is a lack of blog posts at the moment, heres your reason!!

Now, I usually look forward to summer, but this years summer, will be so so so great! I have Prom, I’m going abroad, I’ll have finished my exams, and I have college to look forward to! ahh….

On the subject of Prom, I don’t know why but when it came to the first of May, I decided that I wasn’t going to drink any carbonated drinks until prom (25th June) So far, so good although I am craving lemonade!! D: (I’ll literally binge out on Lemonade at prom, so yeah. Lemonade is my weakness…) 

Anyway, If any of you live in Europe, did you watch Eurovision yesterday? I thought some of the songs were quite good, but as per usual I fell asleep before the winner was announced. (I think Denmark won)

If any of you watch Glee on a Sunday here in England, then lets just take a moment to discuss last weeks episode ‘shooting star’ omgg. It made me cry so much! I thought that was a really good episode of Glee, because I have actually never cried so much at a TV programme… Ever! haha.. oh dear, I think I have become too emotionally attached to the characters.  (Blaine Anderson I’m looking at you)

So yeah.. Not much else to say really. How has your week been? Mine was a bit stressful, but it went really fast so no complaints there really. 

On that note, see you soon, and have a great week! 🙂



  1. Olivia
    May 23, 2013 / 10:55 am

    Hi, I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! (Sorry if you have done it before already)… The post is on my blog if you would like to answer the questions and pass on the award :)

  2. Athena Santana
    May 24, 2013 / 3:22 am

    Such a cute blog you have(: Now following, you can follow back via GFC or Bloglovin' if you wish!

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