The Liebster Award!

Hey guys!

A couple of days ago the lovely Olivia from Living-With-Olivia nominated me for the Liebster Award, which was really nice of her so thank you so much 🙂

So, what exactly is the Liebster Award, I hear you cry?

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is for blogs with less than 200 followers. The word ‘Liebster’ is German, and means ‘sweetest’, ‘dearest’, ‘welcoming’, ‘endearing’, ‘kind’, ‘lovely’ etc. I was nominated by Olivia. 🙂


1. Each person nominated must list 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the 11 questions left by your tagger.
3. Create your own 11 questions.
4. Tag up to 11 people.
5. Let the people you have nominated know that you have nominated them.
6. Don’t Tag people back.

11 Facts About Me

1. I naturally have Auburn hair, which I used to hate but now I quite like it.

2. I have an obsession with Lemonade (but throughout this month until my prom I’ve told myself I’m not going to drink it) 

3.  For about 5 years now, I have had a weird obsession with Turtles. 

4. I had braces for a year and a half.

5.  My star sign is Taurus.

6. My eyes are green/hazel, but in my opinion they look different every day.

7.  I don’t actually use my pillow when I sleep, but I can’t sleep if I don’t have a pillow. Weird, I know.

8. On the subject of sleep, I wriggle around SO MUCH in my sleep. At sleepovers I just volunteer to sleep on the floor so I don’t hurt anyone!

9. I hate slow worms, they really freak me out.

10.  I am quite shy, but when you get to know me, you won’t get me to shut up.

11. Cookie Dough Ice-Cream is my favourite. 

Olivias Questions

1. What’s your favourite Lip-Colour?

Currently, I’m loving the Revlon Lip-Butter in Juicy Papaya. 

2. Why did you start your blog?

Because I have been reading beauty blogs for a while, and I thought it seemed like fun! Also I would like to get into the business side of beauty one day.

3. Do you like baking cakes?

Yes! I love making muffins. My family say that my Cinnamon Swirl Muffins are a particular favourite of theirs. 😉

4. Do you have any Pets? 

Yes, I have a Grey cat called Smokey. 🙂

5. Where do you like to shop for clothes?

Loads of places, Primark, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, H&M etc…

6. Who are your favourite band?

I love Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons.

7. What was the last book you read?

It was The Elite by Keira Cass. I pre-ordered it for my kindle because I actually couldn’t wait to read it!

8. What are your favourite shoes?

I love my custom designed Converse. They are so comfy, and work well with almost anything.

9. What country do you most want to visit?


10. How many languages can you speak?

3. English, French, and German.

11. Who is your ‘favourite’ celebrity and why?

I would say Darren Criss because he can sing really well, and he’s hot. 😉 But I love Jennifer Lawrence because she acts herself in interviews all the time, and is absolutely hilarious! 

My Questions.

1. What made you start your blog?

2. What is something you would really like to do before you die?

3. What is your favourite colour?

4. Are you experimental with your makeup, or do you tend to keep it the same?

5. Is there any song that makes you really emotional when you hear it?

6. Would you rather have fingers for legs, or legs for fingers?

7. What is your favourite animal?

8. What is your favourite Mascara?

9. Would you ever want to be famous? 

10. What is your greatest achievement so far in life?

11. How would you describe your style? 

So, now for who I nominate for the Liebster Award.

The Bmgrangergirl

Fly Like a CG

Amy’s Little Corner of The Earth

Perfect, I’m yours.

So thanks again for Olivia for awarding me, and I hope you enjoyed this post! xx


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  1. Olivia
    June 21, 2013 / 10:18 am

    Sorry it has taken me so long to comment back on this, great answers to the questions :)… I'm the same about pillows! x

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