My Haircare Routine


I thought I’d share with you my haircare routine as I have stuck to this for a while now and it seems to work well at the moment!

I wash my hair every other day, firstly because it is really long and honestly quite tedious for me to wash my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I hate when my hair is dirty, but for me its more of a chore. Another reason I don’t wash my hair everyday is because it strips your hair of its natural oils which will make your hair dry and more prone to heat damage. 

Anyway enough rambling, on to the products!

Aussie Mega Shampoo & Conditioner

I use the MEGA shampoo and conditioner from Aussie. Generally speaking, anything from this brand I tend to like as I love the smell, but it always makes my hair look good. 

What I like about this particular duo, is that the shampoo really cleans my hair, to the point where it feels ‘squeaky clean’ which is good as it gets rid of product buildup etc.. 

Then after I shampoo my hair, I take the conditioner and run it through the ends of my hair. I don’t like to put conditioner on my roots because it makes me get greasier hair quicker. I leave the conditioner on whilst I wash my body, then I rinse it off.

Also the smell of this is amazzzzinnggg! It’s quite difficult to describe, but to me it kind of smells like pink lemonade, it is like the authentic Aussie scent but a bit more fruity. Also the smell lingers in my hair which i love.

Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Leave in Treatment

After I get out of the shower, I towel dry my hair and brush it through with my Tangle Teezer (Post here) then I apply one pump of this leave in oil to the ends of my hair. It doesn’t make my hair oily, it makes it really soft and I don’t know if its just me wishing it does, but I really do think it helps with the appearance of split ends… (anything helps! Although the only way to get rid of them for good is to snip them off!) 

Phil Smith Curly Locks Curl Perfecting Spray

If I’m planning on curling my hair, or putting it into plaits before bed then I will spray this curling spray into my hair. It smells lush and it makes my hair hold a curl a lot better.

After this I will blow dry my hair. If i’m not curling my hair I will just use the oil, but for my regular heat defense spray I use the Paul Smith SOS Rescue Hot Iron Mist.  It smells nice and the mist on it is really good.

So that’s basically what I do to my hair! I also try to avoid using heat when I can, so If i’m not going anywhere I will let my hair air dry. I also try to avoid using heated appliances on my hair when I can. 

I hope this remotely useful/interesting to at least one person? haha! Anyways, hope you’re all having a lovely day! 

Also, I have changed my blog design because I got bored of the pink, and I like Minty colours for summer. What do you guys think?? (hope you like it!)

What do you use on your hair?


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