How I Store My Makeup!!

Hey! (WARNING! This post is pic- heavy!)

I thought I would share with you how I store my makeup. I’m not entirely happy with this set up, but I don’t hate it and can’t be bothered to switch it out anytime soon so yeah… I have recently ‘spring cleaned’ my makeup drawers to de-clutter and get rid of products that I never found myself reaching for. 

I store my makeup in a set of 3 drawers, I am unsure on where I purchased these from but I’m sure you can find them online, or in Argos 🙂 (good ol’ Argos)  I like to keep my makeup like this, rather than using a bag, as I don’t use all of this makeup every day, and this is easier for me when I’m getting ready.

(nice side view for you)

On the top of the drawers, I keep my foundations, hairbands and bobby pins, my brushes, and some lip balms and hay fever eye-drops – (so glamorous) I store my brushes in a candle holder that has little red hearts on. I don’t really have that many brushes, but it works for me. I keep my bobby pins in an old ice-cream tub, and on top of that, I have a little trinket box with hairbands in. 

In the first draw, I have all my eye makeup. This draw ranges from eyeliners, to eyeshadows. I have a lot of mascaras! I keep gel eyeliners, pencil eyeliners, cream shadows, single shadows and mascaras in here. This probably could be organized a bit more but for now, this is fine. 

In the next drawer, I keep all my face and lip products. I have powders, bronzers, blushers, a primer, and a crap load of lipgloss (i rarely use lipgloss so this is a mystery to me) lipbalms, lipstains. You name it, I probably have it! I prefer to wear eye makeup rather than lip makeup but occasionally I will fancy wearing a bit of colour on my lips! 

I havn’t photographed the bottom drawer, as all it has in it is some leave in conditoner, body lotions and fake eyelashes. 

And finally, on the bottom I keep my pallettes, and day/night/eye creams. I have 2 eyeshadow pallettes and the sleek blush by 3 pallette. (hopefully the naked pallette soon! *cough* birthday *cough*) 

If you would like me to do a Make-Up collection then let me know in the comments 🙂 This might not be handy for some of you, but I’m hoping at least one person finds it helpful?? 

How do you store your makeup?

DISCLAIMER: I am not in anyway trying to brag about how much makeup I have. I purchase this with my own pocket money and I get given things for birthdays etc… I hope I don’t offend anybody! xx



  1. Lizzie Williams
    April 4, 2013 / 12:26 pm

    Your make-up storage is so much more neater than mine! My essentials that I use on a daily basis are stored in a make-up bag and because there's too much in there I put an elastic band around the bag to keep it all in! XD The rest of my make-up is kept in one of my drawers in case I want to use it. I mostly keep eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks in the drawer. Think I'll have to invest in another one of those storage things. I have a four drawer purple storage box for all of my nail art stuff.

    • Lauren Harding
      April 4, 2013 / 4:45 pm

      Hey, thanks for commenting:) and yeah, I find this way a lot easier because I can see all my products, so I can use things I never normally would reach for! I definitaley need to find a way to store my nail varnish because they're kind of just scattered everywhere at the moment! xx

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